Monday, August 7, 2017

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Continues To Thrive Against All Odds

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Is On A Roll

In an economy that is struggling at best, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals continues to grow and thrive while many other supplement companies are finding it harder and harder to survive in the current economic and political environment.

If you look at what Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals has done you can see that they have grown their family of brands buy consolidating the most popular brands and supplement companies under the Hi Tech umbrella of companies.

Some of their acquisitions include these well known supplement companies:  ALR Industries, APS Nutrition, Formutech Nutrition, Innovative Labs, I Force Nutrition, LG Sciences and Sports One, to name a few. 

Jared Wheat and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have been harassed relentlessly by various government agencies such as the FDA and FTC over the years for several reasons including but not limited to labeling and ingredient claims by the federal government.

Despite these underhanded attacks, Hi Tech has prevailed by continuing to provide safe and effective products that customers demand, despite the attempts to stop them with bullying and other tactics.

While many supplement companies have been forced out of business by the ever increasing rules and regulations of massive government intervention into the free markets, Hi Tech has continued to find innovative ways to not only survive, but to grow and thrive. Entrepreneurs across America look to Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals as a role model of how to survive and thrive in the current hostile government regulatory environment. 

The rules and regulations in the United States continue to favor big pharma, big banks and other large government friendly operations such as their spying partners which includes Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook. According to the FDA, dangerous drugs are fine as long as the FDA approves them, but natural safe supplements are unfairly attacked as being dangerous. This is the state of affairs in the U.S. today.

American citizens are thankful and supportive of the continued efforts of Jared Wheat and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals to provide the natural and effective herbal products that have yielded the best results while using natural ingredients that are safe and effective.