Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration (TRX) - Price Doubled, Now What?

Shares of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration have doubled recently from around $0.25 per share to $0.50 per share currently.

These shares have traded much higher several years ago before the big selloff in mining and especially junior mining shares.

But like many other gold stocks, TRX has come back to life recently posting a 100% gain in just a short time.

So where might it go from here? A couple of things to consider are that Jim Sinclair, CEO and major shareholder of Tanzanian Royalty, has lifted the force majeure contract dispute with Stamico and is preparing to begin commercial production of gold.

This means that Jim's company will be a producing gold mining company sitting on a big deposit of gold.

Take a look at this weekly chart of TRX and see what type of upside this stock has:

TRX has built a solid base at $0.25 per share and now is testing resistance at $0.50. If it can get above $.0.50 and stay, the next target looks to be in the $1.00 range. Another double from current levels.

Sutter Gold Mining (SGMNF) - Bill Holter Owns This Stock

I was listening to an interview with Bill Holter on www.jsmineset.com the other day and he mentioned that he had a significant investment in Sutter Gold (otcbb: SGMNF).

This is the epitome of a penny stock as it rarely trades many shares making it highly illiquid, it has a large spread between bid and ask, and the price is truly pennies per share, $0.0529 to be exact at this point in time.

Here is a monthly chart of this penny (micro) gold stock (SGMNF):

Sutter Gold is a classic risky play where you could double, triple, or ten times your money just as easily as you could lose it all.

I consider Bill Holter to be a smart man. I think this stock is intriguing to say the least.