Sunday, April 10, 2016

Amazon Bans Colloidal Silver - Part 2

Recently we broke the story that Amazon was banning the sale of the dietary supplement called colloidal silver.

This is an update with some other information regarding the new ban on colloidal silver by Amazon.

This following is an email received by a company who has been successfully selling colloidal silver on for years:

Hello from Amazon.

We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog:

(XXXX represent company information blocked out for privacy reasons)

This product has been identified as a product containing colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts that are unapproved in the United States.  Per Amazon policy, the listing and sale of unapproved drugs is prohibited.

For more information on our policies, search on "Restricted Products" and "Listing Restrictions" in Seller Help.

**Action Required: Within 48 hours of this notice, please review your remaining listings and make any changes necessary to ensure compliance with our policies.

Failure to comply with this request may result in the removal of your selling privileges.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for selling on

Amazon Services

And just like that, presto, all of the company product listings had been removed. All customer reviews, all product information just wiped clean. Gone forever. When a customer goes to looking for the item they have been purchasing for years, it just won't be there. No explanation, just a silent removal.

If you read the email from, they state that the product contains colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts that are unapproved in the United States.

Unapproved by whom you might ask? Well, Amazon won't tell us, but we can guess that colloidal silver is not approved by the corrupt FDA who is waging a war on natural supplements.

In fact, according to, a massive FDA crackdown coming on natural product companies: New FDA head Robert Califf to unleash sweeping nationwide surprise inspections under 2011 FSMA law.

Silver Botanicals, a colloidal silver manufacturer has recently posted about the ban on their colloidal silver products by You can read their post here:

Do you live in a free country? Should you be able to decide what you put in your own body? Or should the FDA and decide what is and is not allowable for you to put in your own body? Do you own yourself, or does the government own you?