Monday, March 14, 2016 Now Banning All Natural Dietary Supplement Colloidal Silver, the largest online retailer, continues to make bad moves, most likely at the behest of the FDA, regarding dietary supplements. Most recently they have decided to ban "colloidal silver". likes to think they are Godlike. Similar to, decides for you whether or not you should be able to buy something.

same with google

In the case of Amazon, they have already banned books too? Really, book banning? Thought Police anyone????

Are Amazon and Google our new overlords? Is there a bigger player in the background such as the FDA and the FTC?

Most likely. In fact, the new head of the FDA, Robert Califf -- a huge "friend" of Big Pharma -- is planning to unleash a massive nationwide assault on natural product companies according to Mike Adams of

While most Americans slumber along, some are beginning to wake up to the fact that we live in a Fascist police state controlled by large corporations and government puppets all working for the bankers.

The goal of our "masters" is to keep us sick and impoverished while they outlaw natural supplements and push drugs down our throats.

Google already has a policy of "policing" what we can and cannot buy and sell and advertise for on their search engine. For example, do a search on Google for "buy guns" and you will see there are no google adwords advertisers for this term. This is because Google (at the behest of their masters like puppet man Obama) have an interest in banning guns and determining what is right or wrong. (Gods?)

Or do a search for "Fastin Diet Pills" on Google and you will see they have "banned" advertising for this effective natural dietary supplement so that you will be forced to turn to pharmaceutical drugs instead. Maybe they will ban the above site too? It is made and hosted on Google Sites? In fact, so is this blog. has an entire list of "restricted products" that "they" have determined are not acceptable for us to consume or purchase. Thank you Amazon and Google, because I know you know what is best for me and I cannot think for myself!

Yesterday, Amazon sent a notice to one of their online sellers that they are now removing all products containing the safe, effective and natural dietary supplement "Collodial Silver".  Not only that, they are making the claim that Colloidal Silver is an unapproved DRUG. Does this coincide with the new hire of Big Pharma supporter and FDA leader Robert Califf? Quite possibly. Do you smell the stench of the FDA, Google, Amazon, Big Pharma, Obama, and our entire political and legal system? I certainly do ..... and it smells like shit.