Sunday, April 26, 2015

Google Executive Killed Climbing Everest In Avalanche

An avalanche caused by the Nepal quake has killed Google executive Dan Fredinburg who was Head Of Privacy at Google X. Fredinburg died after he sustained major head trauma when his mountain climbing group was blindsided by an avalanche that was the result of a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal measured on the Richter scale.

Google privacy director Lawrence You said Fredinburg was climbing with three other Google company employees. It was reported that all other 3 Google employes were in good condition after the avalanche.

Fredinburg was documenting his Mount Everest climb on social media, posting several images of his trek through Nepal and at base camp to his Instagram account before Saturday’s powerful quake hit, killing at least 17 other climbers and many more in and surrounding the country’s capital.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Announces Results For Fastin Rapid Release Clinical Study

Yesterday, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals announced the results of two separate clinical studies done on its latest product innovation, Fastin Rapid Release®. One of the studies impressively showed an increase in metabolism by 22% in 45 minutes. Increasing metabolism is one of the best ways to lose weight and Fastin Rapid Release achieves this impressive result in a short amount of time.

Fastin Rapid Release
Fastin Rapid Release

In a second study, it was found that Fastin Rapid Release® users lost 208% more weight and 385% more fat than those who used a placebo.  Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals also announced that they are launching a multimillion dollar advertising campaign with the intentions of increasing product awareness and expanding product distribution into more national retailers.

Jared Wheat, Hi-Tech's President and Chief Executive Officer, is a leading innovator in the natural supplement market and his efforts have gone a long way in keeping the supplement market free from interference of certain over reaching government agencies such as the FDA and the FTC. A highly successful businessman and creator of some of the most popular and effective weight loss supplements on the market today. His efforts are helping all companies that manufacture, market and distribute natural dietary supplements in the United States.

To view the complete results of the clinical studies, please follow the links provided below:

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