Sunday, March 1, 2015

Greensations Launches NEW Coconut Oil Remineralizing Tooth Spray

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today Greensations has announced the launch of its newest product, Cocodent Coconut Oil Tooth Spray for remineralizing teeth and more. The new product is a 2 ounce spray that is intended to help keep breath fresh and help put minerals back on problem tooth areas.

This natural spray uses the power of Coconut Oil and surprisingly Cacao Chocolate extract to clean, whiten and strengthen teeth without any harmful chemicals like fluoride. The company is excited about the new product as it comes on the heels of the highly successful launch of the new Cocodent coconut oil toothpaste recently.

Greensations is the creator of natural dietary supplements and natural products for skin care, hair care, sinus health and much more. With this additional product now on the market, Greensations will look to capitalize the move toward more natural products in today's more health conscious consumer.

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