Monday, March 30, 2015

Google Looks To Improve Robotic Surgery Safety

Google is already involved heavily in the robotic markets as well as the health care industry but it is now looking to make the robotic surgery market an even safer place to be. For example, Google already owns Boston Scientific and Google X Life Sciences division is basically the "Google Healthcare" division.

Now Google and Johnson & Johnson are teaming up together to create a better system for robotic surgery. This new system would compete with and ultimately overtake the current leader in the field, Intuitive Surgical. Current robotic surgery platforms, such as Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci robot system, use high definition, three dimensional endoscopes that produce a video feed which gives a surgeon a picture of your insides.

Google is looking to make the picture better and more intuitive by highlighting critical areas that make the surgeons job easier to complete accurately.

This is  still in its infancy but the possible rewards are astounding. Not only that, but the health consequences for surgery could be quite dramatic. Source: