Monday, March 23, 2015

Google and Apple To Enter Automobile Market?

Are Google and Apple considering entering the automobile market? This is a question being posed by a revolutionary thinker named Nicholas Colas as reported by Art Cashin on King World News.

As mentioned in this recent post, Google and Apple may be in the market to take over an existing car company such as GM or Ford or who knows who else. The point being, the 1st one to take over a car company will have a major leg up in the market that will be developed for self driving cars.

These technologically advanced automobiles will be able to communicate with each other and with the traffic network grid to get people where they are going faster and safer. At least that is the assumption.

Opponents of these cars say they will make us more vulnerable to crashes and targeted attacks from terrorists or governments who can hack the cars and make them crash.

Regardless, it appears that this technology is being moved forward and we can expect Google and Apple to be the frontrunners in this field.