Friday, February 27, 2015

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) - At Low End Of Bollinger Band - Buying Opportunity?

Caledonia Mining Corporation (symbol: CALVF) is currently trading near the bottom of the bollinger band and in normal conditions may now be ready to head back toward the middle of the bollinger band.

This is another look at the chart of Caledonia Mining Corporation since the chart the was published recently. The slow stochastic is also over sold and has just crossed over which is a bullish signal.

Caledonia Mining operates the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe and is a profitable gold mining corporation that pays a quarterly dividend.

Caledonia is in an unstable country politically which reduces it's share price because of risk. For example Caledonia had to give up control of the company to the Zimbabwe government due to the indigenisation laws.

Caledonia Mining produces gold at profit and a rising gold price would theoretically help the common stock price.

To learn more about Caledonia Mining Corporation, please visit the website : Caledonia Mining Corporation