Thursday, March 13, 2014

FDA Raids Natural Supplement Manufacturer And Steals Products Like Fastin XR

The rogue agency know as the FDA has taken an aggressive stance against a natural supplement producer in Atlanta Georgia.

The FDA has seized over 2 million dollars worth of products from Hi Tech Pharma in Atlanta, GA. They took these products because they contain an all natural and effective plant stimulant called DMAA. DMAA is a safe and effective dietary supplement taken by millions of people for many years.

Since it is so effective, the FDA wishes to ban it. The FDA does not want consumers taking effective and safe natural supplements. The FDA would like to keep the American population on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and keep the money pouring into the powerful drug companies.

The FDA took products like Fastin and Fastin XR from the warehouse of Hi Tech Pharma. Hi Tech has not cowered to the FDA like most companies and instead has filed a lawsuit against the powerful rogue agency.