Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wow - Jim Sinclair Posts A Whopper - What Can You Say?

You need to read this from Jim Sinclair's website

Hi Jim,
I totally agree with both of you that the Euro is an experiment to weed out the bugs for the grand experiment of a NWO currency.
First the US dollar falls from its global reserve currency status. Then regional reserve currencies are put in place to compete equally with the Euro.
This could be 7 regional currencies comprising of:
  1. The Yuan in Asia.
  2. One of the dinars for the Middle East through North Africa
  3. The Russian Ruble for most of the former Soviet Union
  4. The Brazilian Real for South America
  5. The US dollar for North America
  6. The Aussie dollar for the south Pacific through southern Africa
  7. And of course the Euro.
These seven currencies would then meld into one electronic currency that no one can buy or sell lest they have the mark to activate an account.

Dear ROB,