Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why Bing Is The New Google (and why google sucks)

Everyone knows the term "Google it". Google has become so successful that they are now a part of our everyday vocabulary. This was OK for as long as Google was serving up useful, unbiased results. But things are changing and not for the better at search giant Google.

You see, somewhere along the way, Google lost its real purpose. This is actually a very common phenomenom when any one organization grows to large and powerful. Google became great for one main reason. When people searched for a particular topic or keyword, Google returned the best and most relevant results, without bias.

This is unfortunately no longer true and I can sense the population is starting to figure it out. So what happened? Recently, Google made some big updates to its algorithm which had the effect of weeding out thousands upon thousands of highly relevant sites and replacing them with questionable sites as well as big branded sites with less relevancy to the topic or keyword being typed into the Google search box.

Google's results have gotten so bad recently that I have switch my default search engine to Bing. So now instead of "Google it" I "Bing it". Bing isn't perfect, but they are much more pure and less biased in their search engine results. So if you are tired of getting inferior results from an overgrown behemoth that tracks and records your every keystroke, you may wish to give Bing a try. I can assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised.