Friday, March 9, 2012

Caledonia Mining (CALVF) - Will This Penny Stock Ever Roar?

Caledonia Mining Corporation has finally come to an agreement with the THIEVES who run the country of Zimabwe. Robert (McBob) Mugabe is a thug and has passed laws to steal the assets of companies operating in the country of Zimbabwe, all done under the guise of "empowering" indigenous blacks in the country.

Finally, Caledonia had to succumb to this pressure and has agreed to give away 51% of its Blanket Mine. What this does mean is that now there will be less uncertainty going forward as to how to value the stock of Caledonia Mining (Symbol:CALVF).

Anyone who has read my previous analysis on the long term charts of CALVF is expecting to see large gains this year.  The time is NIGH and if this analysis is to play out, we are literally on the cusp of a large percentage rise in the price of CALVF common stock.

So, will this penny stock finally soar as predicted here?