Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tax Loss Selling Creates Small Cap Stock Buying Opportunites

When it comes to the end of the tax year, sometimes people decide to sell the stocks that went down in price from where they bought them in order to offset other stocks and investments where they had positive capital gains.

The object being of course to limit or eliminate as much of the capital gains tax by offsetting winning trades with losing trades and reducing or cancelling out any taxes due.

This is a sound strategy of course, especially if you don't plan on owning the losing stock in the near future. If you were to simply sell the stock to create the loss and then buy it right back, that would be called a wash sale.

The IRS has a rule called the "wash sale" that disallows the tax deduction of a stock market loss if the stock is repurchased within 30 days. An investor can sell and buy back a stock as quickly as he wants but must be aware of the wash sale rule. The short-term trading of a stock must balance the investment goals with the tax consequences.

One of the consequences of this type of selling is that it can have an amplification effect on a stock that has done poorly throughout the year. These particular stocks already did poorly price wise and then you have these large orders of people coming in to dump an already beat down stock at whatever price they can fetch.

This can create a particullarly attractive entry point for someone that is interested in getting in one of these stocks cheaply.

So take a look around at some of the common stocks you have always wanted to own but never thought the price was right. Your golden opportunity could be staring you in the face in the last couple days of the trading year.

Remember, do you own due dilligence before investing in anything. Make sure you buy a solid company with a good business plan and quality management.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Queen Finds Out Some Gold Still Remains

Queen Elizabeth regrets not owing all of the gold in the vaults. UK Treasury Seretary says some are still left.

Queen Elizabeth II at the 1 minute mark in this video reportedly says to George Osborne, UK Treasury Secretary, “I saw all the gold bars.  Regrettably not all of them belong to us.” Osborne replied, “Some of them were sold, but we’ve still got some left.”

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shoshone Silver Gold (SHSH) - Who Is Selling All Those Shares @ $0.12?

Take a look at someone sitting on the SHSH price.

There are 375,750 shares at the ask offered at $0.12

This stock is as cheap as it gets. Someone can load the boat here cheaply.

Clifton Mining Company Chart Porn (CFTN)

Take a look at these CFTN monthly charts. These are about as pretty as can be.

Would be awesome to see a repeat of the run to around $3.00 per share back in 2004 at a time when Cliftons prospects weren't nearly so promissing. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Desert Hawk Gold Receives Tenative Approval To Commence Large Mining Operations On Kiewit Project

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) & Desert Hawk Gold Receive Tenative Approval To Begin Mining At Kiewit

This is HUGE news for Clifton Mining Company. They have been working on getting this project going for 10 or 15 years now and finally it is happening.

Here is a portion of the letter from Utah Mining Division that was issued yesterday:

You can read the rest of it here: Username and Password are both: OGMGUEST

US Is Debt Addict on 'Budgetary Crystal Meth': Gross

Stocks and bonds will be virtually worthless and gold and hard assets will be the only investments worth having unless the U.S. tames its addiction to debt and deficits, Pimco's Bill Gross said Tuesday.

This is pretty hard hitting stuff from one of the most respected main stream guys, Bill Gross.

Read More:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wow - Jim Sinclair Posts A Whopper - What Can You Say?

You need to read this from Jim Sinclair's website

Hi Jim,
I totally agree with both of you that the Euro is an experiment to weed out the bugs for the grand experiment of a NWO currency.
First the US dollar falls from its global reserve currency status. Then regional reserve currencies are put in place to compete equally with the Euro.
This could be 7 regional currencies comprising of:
  1. The Yuan in Asia.
  2. One of the dinars for the Middle East through North Africa
  3. The Russian Ruble for most of the former Soviet Union
  4. The Brazilian Real for South America
  5. The US dollar for North America
  6. The Aussie dollar for the south Pacific through southern Africa
  7. And of course the Euro.
These seven currencies would then meld into one electronic currency that no one can buy or sell lest they have the mark to activate an account.

Dear ROB,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caledonia Mining Long Term Chart At Critical Resistance

Check out this long term chart of CALVF (Caledonia Mining Corporation)

Caledonia Mining Corporation is a gold mining company with other base metal assets.

It looks like Caledonis is at a very tough overhead resistance at a long term down trend line.

I found this chart from a post on

Clifton Mining & Desert Hawk Gold Kiewit Project Final Permitting Is Imminent - It Could Literally Happen Any Moment Now

Updating yesterdays post on Clifton Mining Company (CFTN), today I have learned that Desert Hawk Gold (Clifton Mining Company's partner), has provided its response to DOGM 7th review comments.

In the response, it is stated that Desert Hawk Gold has conducted individual working sessions with DOGM staff personnel in order to identify and address each specific comment and to agree on specific revised text and figures which are acceptable to DOGM.

Desert Hawk states that they have incorporated all changes as agreed upon by both parties and has requested that the Division issue a letter of tenative approval as soon as possible. They have also requested the Division publish the required notice in the newspapers as soon as possible to start the public notice period.

Clifton Mining firmly believes that the Kiewit project will be its most profitable project once permitted.

Take a look at this long term chart of Clifton as of October 1st, 2012.

Here is the actual response:

You can read the whole thing yourself here:

The username and password are both : OGMGUEST

Monday, October 1, 2012

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) Ready For Final Permitting & Kiewit Production

Back in March, 2011, Clifton Mining made the following announcement:

Filings have been made with government agencies to construct a large heap leach pad
near the Kiewit properties. This pad is being engineered to accommodate not only the
gold resources from the Kiewit properties, but also silver and gold material from
surrounding mine sites. It is anticipated that the government approval will be granted
later this year and that construction will begin thereafter. We expect this to be the largest
and most profitable project for the Company.”

I have spoken with a key executive involved with the permitting process and it appears from our conversations that everything is full go with regards to the Kiewit permitting process. In fact, it should be happening any day now.

Previously, Clifton Mining Company's (Clifton) joint venture partner Desert Hawk Gold Corp.
(Desert Hawk), completed the overhaul and renovation of the Gold Hill mill in
September of 2010. Preliminary mill operations started in October, with fine tuning of
the mill over the past several months. New crushing and grinding circuits have been put
in place as well as additional banks of float cells and new gravity separation tables,
upgrading capacity and recoveries. A new automated crusher has been placed at the mine
site so that ore can be crushed before being shipped to the mill for processing.

Clifton Mining company is structured like a royalty mining company. Clifton has a partner in the project, Desert Hawk Mining company, that is in charge of all funding, permitting and production. Clifton Mining Company gets to sit back as its property is developed and brought to production without risking any money of its own. Clifton has kept its outstanding common stock issued to a very low level and has not diluted it like so many other mining companies have done. In 2003, Clifton had 50 million shares outstanding. As of December of 2011, there are only 56 million shares outstanding.

Some people think that the Clifton Properties may contain up to 1 billion ounces of silver. Clifton Mining however is not 43-101 compliant and the estimates are not confirmed.

It took Clifton management 30 years to secure up to 100 patented mining claims in a high grade historic mining area to create one contiguous block of claims. The claims were owned by as many as 100 surviving descendants of the original miners.

With silver and gold prices rising in the face of massive currency debasement around the world, Clifton Mining is well positioned to capitalize on the royalties that will be produced from its partnership with Desert Hawk Gold. Clifton will realize a 5% net smelter royalty on all gold production from the Kiewit zone.

Recently, Shoshone Gold & Silver Mining Company attempted to do a joint venture with Desert Hawk Gold and here is what they had to say: Shoshone stated: "We believe that this property has the potential for very significant early production and cash flow from the permitted mill, as well as from the gold heap leach. Additionally, multiple exploration opportunities for expanding the gold, silver, copper and other mineral resources are abundant. In sum it would be very difficult to find a comparable opportunity in the western United States. Mining properties of this quality and grade were discovered and mined long ago."
Clifton Mining company is trading at an unbelievably low price of $0.25 per share. This is lower than it was trading when the price of silver was $8.00 per ounce. Silver is now trading at $35.00 per ounce. At this price, I believe CFTN shares are a literal steal.

*** Disclaimer: Clifton Mining Company is a penny stock. Penny stocks are risky investments but can have absolutely huge payoffs. I own shares of Clifton Mining. If CFTN shares go up in price, I will benefit from that. Do your own due diligence before buying this stock or any other investment, after all, it is your own money. I am not an investment advisor. ****

Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Money The Old Fashioned Way - Gambling!

We all want to make money. In fact, it is a necessary part of living. There are many different ways to make money and the method most often discussed on this site is making money by investing.

Investing is really alot like gambling. If you think about it for a moment, some types of investing actually are the same as gambling. Now, most investors wouldn't want to look at it like that, but the facts are the facts.

For example, if you "invest" in a silver call option, you are gambling that you will be able to not only predict the price going up from where you are buying your call option, but you are also gambling on the fact that you will be correct in your timing of that price increase.

So if you want to make money "investing" in stock or futures options, you are really just gambling. It is alot like gambling on sports. For example, if you are going to gamble on an NFL game, you might choose which team will win and how much they will win by. Not only do you have to predict which team will win, but also by how much.

So if you decide you have had enough "investing" and you wish to "gamble" on some sports instead, that is a reasonable thing to me. I would advise you to do a little research first in order that you pick the best sportsbook for your gambling style. The best way to accomplish this is to read a quality sportsbook review and see which qualities are most in line with your gambling preferences.

Good luck to you in both your investing and gambling endeavors.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Silver Chart From Seeking Alpha

Silver chart shows strong resistance for silver at this level.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Protect Your Wealth With Real Money

We all know that an economic collapse the likes we have never seen before is ultimately going to happen. Those who wish to survive economically with their wealth in tact will be sure to own physical gold and silver.

Gold and silver will always perform as money when governments are abusing their power to print fiat paper and digital currency at will.

Be sure to protect yourself, and your family from economic devastation by taking possession of physical gold and silver now.

Don't wait or it will be too late.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Don't Trust Google With Your Children's Health (Or Anything Else)

As Google continues to "tweak" its algorithm in favor of big business and corporate websites, its results continue to deteriorate. Now, new information has come in as to why you should not trust google for help with "infant sleep safety" as Google's results are recommending information that goes against the most current recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics aimed at reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suffocation, strangulation and other accidental sleep-related deaths.

Read full story here....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Bing & Yahoo Are Now Better Than Google (Google Does Suck)

Google continues to stumble on all fronts. Their latest gaffe is to determine for us what we should or shouldn't be able to buy or consume.  Yes, just like the United States government, now Google is determining which products are allowed to be advertised on Google Adwords. Google is now censoring the ads that appear in search results. Even if you are looking to buy a legal dietary supplement, you might not be able to find it on Google.

In a disgusting show of arrogance, Google has set their advertising policies so that they can exclude any natural supplement that they feel is dangerous, misleading or not as effective as a prescription drug. Translation " if big brother Google does not like a natural supplement, they will ban it from Google Adwords".

The end result is that if you go and search for a particular product because YOU HAVE DETERMINED THAT YOU WANT TO BUY IT AND YOU THINK IT IS SAFE, that is TOO BAD FOR YOU, as under the new Google policies for natural supplements, YOU MAY NOT FIND WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR!

Here is the language from Google Adwords regarding the Dietary Supplement advertising policy:

 "Google AdWords doesn't allow the promotion of the following pharmaceuticals and supplements, irrespective of any claims of legality:
  • Herbal and dietary supplements with active pharmaceutical or dangerous ingredients
  • Non-government approved or non-prescription products that are marketed in a way that implies that they're safe or effective for use in preventing or treating a disease or ailment
  • Products that imply or claim that they're as effective as anabolic steroids
  • Products that imply or claim that they're as effective as prescription weight-loss drugs
  • Products that imply or claim that they're as effective as prescription erectile dysfunction drugs
  • Products that contain ephedra
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in relation to weight loss/weight control, or when promoted in conjunction with anabolic steroids
  • DHEA and melatonin products
  • Products that make false or misleading health claims
For a non-exhaustive list of prohibited pharmaceuticals and supplements, please see: Unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements.
For additional information on the products we monitor under this policy, please visit
Additionally, Google AdWords prohibits the advertisement of sites whose primary purpose is to sell products that claim or imply to be as effective as anabolic steroids, weight-loss drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, prescription drugs, or controlled substances, irrespective of claims of legality.
Google AdWords may disallow the promotion of any dietary supplement, drug, or other product that's been the subject of any government or regulatory action or warning.
We also don't allow the promotion of products with names that are or may be confusingly similar to anabolic steroids, weight-loss drugs, prescription drugs, controlled substances, or other products that are banned under this policy, irrespective of any claims of legality. Examples include, but aren't limited to:
  • Phentrimine, phenermine, or phentramine (which are similar to the prescription drug "phentermine")
  • Calis, cealis or "herbal cialis" (which are similar to the prescription drug "Cialis")
  • D-Bol, Dinabol or dianibol (which are similar to the anabolic steroid "Dianabol") "

If you are looking for a better search experience and want to see the legal dietary supplements that you are searching for show up in the advertising results, then Bing & Yahoo offer a much better choice. They allow advertising of legal products and don't determine if they are good or bad or indifferent for you. Meaning, you make up your own mind and buy what you want. That is just a better way of doing business and I like finding what I am looking for without my results being censored.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why Bing Is The New Google (and why google sucks)

Everyone knows the term "Google it". Google has become so successful that they are now a part of our everyday vocabulary. This was OK for as long as Google was serving up useful, unbiased results. But things are changing and not for the better at search giant Google.

You see, somewhere along the way, Google lost its real purpose. This is actually a very common phenomenom when any one organization grows to large and powerful. Google became great for one main reason. When people searched for a particular topic or keyword, Google returned the best and most relevant results, without bias.

This is unfortunately no longer true and I can sense the population is starting to figure it out. So what happened? Recently, Google made some big updates to its algorithm which had the effect of weeding out thousands upon thousands of highly relevant sites and replacing them with questionable sites as well as big branded sites with less relevancy to the topic or keyword being typed into the Google search box.

Google's results have gotten so bad recently that I have switch my default search engine to Bing. So now instead of "Google it" I "Bing it". Bing isn't perfect, but they are much more pure and less biased in their search engine results. So if you are tired of getting inferior results from an overgrown behemoth that tracks and records your every keystroke, you may wish to give Bing a try. I can assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Silver Testing Critical Short Term Support Level

Highly manipulated and highly volatile silver is down to a level that will either mark a bottom from which it should rally much higher or if it breaks down below the $26.00 per ounce area, it may fall rapidly to $20 per ounce. If it were to fall as low as $20.00 U.S. per ounce, this would be the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Take a look at the weekly chart and you can see exactly where we currently stand. Silver is an excellent form of wealth protection as it is a monetary metal as well as an industrial metal. Unfortunately, the silver market is not a free market per se, as its prices are set via the Comex exchange which in some circles is referred to as the Crimex. Silver prices are manipulated via the "paper silver" market and these paper silver prices are easy for the big short sellers of silver to manipulate. If you plan to purchase silver as an inflation hedge or store of wealth, the best way to do it is to buy and hold physical silver. If you buy an ETF such as SLV, there may come a day when you discover the silver you thought you owned has really been rehypothecated to a bank such as JP Morgan Chase. Only real, tangible, physical silver in your own possesion is safe from the fraudulent paper games being played on wall street. If you wish to purchase physical silver there are many companies that specialize in silver and gold bullion sales. One such company is US Money Reserve. One more thing to remember about owning silver. Silver is extremely volatile in price movements. It can move up in price with astounding speed but it can also move down in price even faster. I consider silver to be a long term investment with extremely high upside potential once the paper manipulation ends and the physical market asserts control over the price. I am not an investment advisor. Do your own due dillegence before investing in precious metals, silver, gold, or any other investment. Remember, it is your money.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Silver Porn & Gold Porn Charts Show Higher Prices Coming

Check out these current Point and Figure Silver Porn And Gold Porn charts. First we have the SLV paper silver ETF (fraudulent investment vehicle, do not invest money in this)

This shows a price objective of $57 compared to todays price of $27.62.
Next we have the P&F chart for Silver itself. This shows a price objective of $58.00 per ounce compared to the current price of $28.41
Now moving on to the P&F Chart for GLD (paper ETF Fraudulent Gold Paper Fund, Do not invest in this) This shows a price objective of $224 compared to teh current price of $152.68.
Lastly, let's look at the chart for Gold itself. This shows that it has reached its downside objective of $1550 and has now moved back up to $1573.
As always, happy days to all hard money advocates and honest money champions.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

To Be or Not to Be "Creative"

Be sure you watch the video all the way to the end. It is worth it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quote For The Day

"Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free."
~ Robert A. Heinlein

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Google Sucks And What Can You Do About It?

Google is a powerhouse. They are a monster. They are extremely powerful and control the fortunes of many people and companies around the world. How many companies do you know where people say just "Google it"?

If you are priveleged enough to be in Googles good graces, they can make you rich. If you do something that they consider wrong, they can cut your legs out from under you with a swift cut of their blade of traffic. I have experienced both parts of Google. I have had success generating traffic and income via google for a long time. More recently though I have started noticing changes. What you might even call a trend.

You see in the old days, things were more or less even for all people/companies/websites. Anyone could succeed or fail based on a fairly level playing field. But lately I have noticed that Google is giving more and more "preference" if you will to the larger companies and corporatacracies and less "preference" and even a squeezing out of the smaller guys and smaller companies. This makes sense as Google is a giant corporation that cooperates with other giant corporations in the domination of markets and profits being generated from those markets.

As they aggregate all of this power into their hands by controlling what people find when they search the internet, they are able to funnel traffic and profits where they see fit. They don't answer to anyone and their "rules" are made by them and not to be questioned. Recently, they decided to ban advertising for some all natural dietary supplements that they determined were not something they wanted advertised on Google. They didn't ask anyone, they just did it, like the good old Nike saying. When asked how come, they only give vague answers that don't give you any real insight as to why, and even more appalling is that they really don't care what you think. They are Google and if they make a decision about the content on their search engine, then you must just live with it.

Recently they de-indexed some of my sites. They sent a message to me on Google Webmaster Tools saying that they detected some "un-natural linking" to my sites. Then, the next thing I knew, my sites were taken out of the search results entirely and my revenue dissapeared overnight. This is pretty scary stuff. One day you can feel confident that you have built a long term business over time and the next day, your traffic can all be gone. What I recommend is if you are doing really well and driving large amounts of traffic to your sites from Google is to sell your sites while you can as you just don't know what Google may do from one moment to the next.

So what can we do about it? How can we take steps to lower our reliance on Google? These are hard questions. One step is to use the only competitor in search that is left standing, Bing. Bing is powered by another behemoth, Microsoft Corporation. Bing also powers the results for once independent search giant Yahoo! I used to feel that Microsoft was the big bad giant destroying machine but Google has taken over that title and I feel strongly that we need choices and not just one place to go when searching the net. So I have started utilizing Bing search 1st and then moving to Google if needed. It is interesting to note that the same dietary supplements that Google decided that you shouldn't see when you search, when you search for them on Bing, you will actually find what you are looking for.

Why is Google deciding what we can and can't see in the search results? What effect does this have on our lives. Sure it is their search engine, but their power comes from us. If we didn't search on Google, what would they have? Nothing. They would be worthless. Google is at a point where they are starting to piss off alot of people. When you piss off a lot of people, sometimes you can create a sea of change and in one swift movement, the people that used to support you turn on you instead. At this moment, you will find a new player who comes along and becomes the new dominant force.

Remember when MySpace was all the rave? Everyone was on MySpace. But then something happened, Facebook came along and Myspace effectively died overnight. Google recently aquired Picnik which is a photo sharing, cloud application that my teenager and her freinds all loved.  But for my teenager and her friends, the picnik is over.  Why? Well as my kid told me, "I hate Google". "All of my freinds hate Google now too!" Why? Because they bought our favorite site Picnik but instead of letting us keep using it, they closed it down and are trying to force us to use Google Plus. "I hate Google Plus".

Is Google getting to the point when they are just buying up more and more companies and technologies so they can just wipe out all of the competition? Are they consolidating so much power that people will start to revolt? You never know, but I would suggest that we all look for ways to utilize other online sites and businesses that will free us from the shackles of the ever growing presence of the Google Monster.

So I was just looking around and I found this article on the latest Google update to their rankings.  Funny, I had never seen this until right now. But apparently Google has once again pissed off alot of people and they seem to be returning less relevant results than ever with their latest tweak to their algorithm. For example, most glaringly, Google fails to list the official Viagra site in the top results, something that Bing gets right.

It seems that I am going to be moving more of my attention and searches to Bing and utilize Google much less. Remember, a snowball starts with one snow flake.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Lion That Never Roared (CALVF)

This beast of a stock has been a thorn in my side for years now. I have owned Caledonia Mining Shares for many years and have always hoped it would grow and prosper and make me rich. Instead, I have watched it remain dormant and even go lower in price over the many years I have held it. I once thought that the main pressure holding the stock down was the uncertainty of the Zimbabwe situation with indigenisation. I thought that once the indigenisation issue was settled, the value of the stock would increase with the uncertainty gone. Well, now that the issue has been settled and Caledonia has agreed (under threat of force) to give 51% of its Blanket mine away to Robert Mugabe (head thug in Zimbabwe), the stock has done nothing. I made some bold predictions about a massive price spike based on some long term charts. But the rocket ship ride I envisioned failed just like the recent failed missile test in North Korea.

The price spike did not materialize and now we are left to wonder just what will become of our little known company with too many shares outstanding and half a gold mine in Zimbabwe......

Update: 4/28/2012 7:45a.m. ---- I never did sell my shares which means I still hold them. Update#2: 4/28/2012 5:36p.m. --- Maybe this is just a paper abortion much like that in the gold and silver market. Once the paper abortion fails, the physical can take over.... does this work with shares of stock?

A Quick Look At Some Silver To Gold Ratio Charts

The metals (gold and silver) have been in a consolidation mode or downward trend since the runup in silver to $50 in April of 2011, that means for the last year, anyone holding metals has seen their vaule decline. In terms of which fell more, silver did, and these charts represent this fact in picture form. Making a prediction from charts doesn't always work out, but it can give you some perspective from which to help us try and make an informed decision. So here I present the daily and weekly silver:gold ratio charts for your review.

Sometimes it can be helpful to look at things from a different perspective. With that in mind, here I present the daily and weekly gold:silver ratio charts for your review.

So what do we make of these charts? If I knew, I would be rich.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Air Karma - This Dog Can Jump!

On the lighter side of things, my dog, Karma, loves to play ball and is a great jumper!  Enjoy.....

Friday, March 9, 2012

Caledonia Mining (CALVF) - Will This Penny Stock Ever Roar?

Caledonia Mining Corporation has finally come to an agreement with the THIEVES who run the country of Zimabwe. Robert (McBob) Mugabe is a thug and has passed laws to steal the assets of companies operating in the country of Zimbabwe, all done under the guise of "empowering" indigenous blacks in the country.

Finally, Caledonia had to succumb to this pressure and has agreed to give away 51% of its Blanket Mine. What this does mean is that now there will be less uncertainty going forward as to how to value the stock of Caledonia Mining (Symbol:CALVF).

Anyone who has read my previous analysis on the long term charts of CALVF is expecting to see large gains this year.  The time is NIGH and if this analysis is to play out, we are literally on the cusp of a large percentage rise in the price of CALVF common stock.

So, will this penny stock finally soar as predicted here?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Manufacturing In Mexico Could Increase Profits

If you are an operating company in the manufacturing business, consider outsourcing your items to manufacturers in Mexico. This way you can get the lowest cost of goods sold and make the highest gross profit margin possible.  This will enable you to maximize your profits and grow your existing manufacturing business. Become a more competitive business by getting low cost manufacturing in Mexico.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Caledonia Mining May Have Reached Agreement On Indegenisation

Reading the Herald Online this morning I came across this new report that mentions that Caledonia Mining Corporation may have reached an agreement with the Zimbabwean government regarding the implementation of the indigenisation laws.

If this is true, we could possibly see an announcement in the next several weeks. The timing for this couldn't be more perfect and would fit perfectly with my prediction of an extremely higher stock price for Caledonia Mining Company (Symbol: CALVF) in the next several months.

A favorable agreement would remove the uncertainty surrounding the Blanket Mine and would let Caledonia common stock be free to find its true value.

This would be excellent news for long term shareholders who have suffered from the lack of higher share prices for many years.

Here is the article from the Herald Online.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caledonia Mining Corporation - Will Caledonia Strike A Fair Compromise With Zimbabwe For Indigenisation?

As I wrote here a couple of days ago, I feel that Caledonia Mining may be on the verge of a massive run up in share price. There are several reasons for my thoughts.

Caledonia has had 2 major share price run ups in its long and sordid history. One run up occured back in 1986/1987 when the share price ran up from approximately $0.75 to over $7.00 in just over a 1 year period. This was almost a 10 bagger in just a little over a year.

The next major run up came in 1994 when CALVF share price ran up from just about $0.50 to over $9.50 in less than 1 year. This was nearly a 20 bagger in less than 1 years time! The interesting part of this story is that both times when these runups occured, they generated similar technical patterns.

Each time there was a mini-run up in price before the major run up in price. Each mini run up in price generated a slow stochastic reading that broke above the 80 level. Then there was a retrenchment in price action before the major run up in price which once again generated a slow stochastic reading above the 80 level.

Now please note, these are the only two occurences of this 80 level being breached in the history of this stock going back to 1985 except that it just happened again in 2011. It appears that we have completed the mini run up with a slow stochastic reading above 80 and now it looks as though we have completed the mini retrenchment and are now heading for the next major run up in price.

Take another look at the chart I have produced showing where the run ups in price occured and where the slow stochastich levels were breached.

Now take a look at where we are today in this process: I have used a Canadian chart of Caledonia Mining because is has more data than the American quote does at this time.

The really interesting part to me is that after the mini run up in 1994, the major run up happened just as the red slow stochastic indicator hit the level of 60. Now we have already had our mini run up and mini retrenchment and once again the slow stochastic is rising up toward the 60 level. When it hits 60 will we have our 3rd massive spike in CALVF share price?

Maybe? One more point I would like to discuss. Anyone who is a Caledonia Mining shareholder is probably aware of the Zimbabwe Indigenisation laws and the bad attitude that Saviour Kasukuwere has toward Caledonia Mining Corporation. The current (fraudulent and inept in my opinion) indigenisation laws require all companies operating in Zimbabwe to transition to a 51% Black Zimbabwean ownership.

This means that they are forcefully stealing from foreign companies that have invested in Zimbabwe. It is like legal plunder. But, that is the reality of the current situation. I do maintain that Caledonia is working hard to find a positive resolution for this agreement.

If it were to occur in the near future, perhaps as the slow stochastich is reaching the level of 60, this may the be spark that ignites the fire under Caledonia's share price.

Now for my disclaimer: I own shares of CALVF. I have owned them for many years and bought more recently. I want CALVF to go higher. Much, much higher as it could make a lot of profit for me. I am not giving investment advice, only sharing some things that I have found interesting with CALVF and its share price. Don't invest in anything without first consulting with your licenced investment advisor. CALVF is a penny stock. Penny stocks are HIGHLY risky. You could lose any and all money that you invest in CALVF. If they steal the Blanket Mine from Caledonia using the cover of Indigenisation, it could have a very negative affect on the share price.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) - Is Big Announcement Just Around The Corner?

Caledonia Mining Corporation operates the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe. This is a highly profitable gold mining operation that many would argue supports a much higher share price for CALVF than currently exists. Caledonia Mining common share price has been held back by one big thing. The big uncertainty of course being the unknown outcome of the Zimbabwe Indigenisation laws that require Caledonia to hand over the majority of its ownership of the Blanket mine to the Government thugs who are trying to steal it from them using a controversial and completely gang like law.

And so, with that said, I am now asking is this agreement about to be reached? Will the uncertainty surrounding the ownership future of Caledonia finally disappear? Now as some of you may know, I have written many times about Caledonia and a particular pattern that I have been expecting to repeat. This is what I have predicated my predictions of future share price, timing of share price and now today, the ultimate resolution of the indigenisation fraud that the Zimbabwean govt. is attempting to facilitate.

Anyway, first let's look back to a chart that I created back in February of 2011 and reposted in a post called

For Caledonia Mining Company Is It Now Or Never (Part Deux)

Here is the chart:

As I mentioned in that post, the data used to create this above chart is no longer available as Big Charts only provide about ten years of CALVF data for some reason now.

But..... I have once again created a new chart of Caledonia Mining to show where we are and it seems this above pattern is still in play, and even better, we are on the upswing of heading toward the #2 price objective.

Now let's take a look at the current chart:

It appears that CALVF is about to make its move to much higher levels this year.  I am once again predicting that Caledonia's share price is ready to explode. I have waited quite patiently for this to play out and it looks like this pattern still has the possibility of creating a massive price explosion.

Disclaimer: I am not an investment advisor. I am not offering investing advice. I own CALVF and have for many years. I stand to gain profits if the price explosion occurs. Do your own due dilligence before investing in anything, especially a risky penny stock like Caledonia Mining that has a large number of outstanding shares and has a gold mine that is being threatened to be stolen by the Zimbabwean government.