Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ron Paul - How He Would Return Us To A Gold & Silver Monetary Standard

Judge Napolitano did an interview with Dr. Ron Paul last night and told us how he would return us to a Silver and Gold monetary standard.

"I would like to have a transition period and just legalize gold money, gold and silver as legal tender, and work our way back."

"We want to legalize the use of gold and silver as the constitution dictates, rather than punishing the people who try to do that."

It is nice to know that there is ONE candidate for president who would not punish American citizens for using constitutional money.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In A World Gone Mad..... It's Nice To Have Some Physical Gold & Silver

Let's face it. These are some seriously uncertain times we are living in. And of course, there is really no certainty in life anyway, other than the fact that we are born, and we will die, all other options are .... well, uncertain.

But.... when the financial world seems pretty much out of control and the various central banks across the world are creating more and more fiat currency to deal with never ending financial crises, there is something "certain" about holding your own gold and silver in its beautiful physical form.

Unlike FIAT dollars, FIAT Euros & all the other FIAT junk currencies that can be created on a printing press or at the push of a computer key stroke, gold and silver cannot.

If you have ever gone prospecting for gold, you will get a real appreciation for how rare it actually is and how much time and effort and money it takes to locate it and dig it up.

So when all things seem very "uncertain" you may wish to test the certainty of physical gold and silver.

Your financial survival may even depend on it.