Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silver:Gold Ratio Chart Update

While Gary at biiwii is flashing a warning, I am flashing an opportunity signal. Gary is my silver contrarian indicator :)

In other words, I'm looking for Silver rise in terms of gold while he is looking for it to fall......... see gary's latest post on it here
Now, Gary did not outright make a call on where it will go, because he is too unemotional for that. This is a good thing and serves him well. He does make the case though that

"The GSR has a bullish look about it as it consolidates the initial impulse higher. Of course NFTRH was all but certain of a new uptrend after the consolidation out of 2008, until the Wizard pressed the QE button on his console behind the curtain."

Now of course the GSR may just break higher like Gary suggests, in which case, we are all Fu Ct.  If Silver:Gold breaks higher, than we can expect more inflation on the way to hyperinflation.