Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silver : Where Are We Now?

Let's keep some perspective when looking at the price of silver.  Many people have grown increasingly frustrated that the silver price has seemed to be stagnant recently.  Gold has been rocketing higher and has been gaining all of the recent attention.

For a little bit of perspective, let's remember that over the past year, while the price of gold has risen an astounding 46%, silver has risen 114% during this same time period.

What is happening right now is just that silver is taking a little breather. It ran up so quickly from $18 to $50 that it is now consolidating its gains. It is trading right now at $41.68 so it really isn't too far off from challenging its all time nominal high of $50 U.S. Federal Reserve Paper Fiat Notes.

More importantly, all of the reasons that you would have purchased silver at $18 or $28 are still valid today. Take a moment to watch this video on why silver is such a good investment right now.

The world is changing quickly and will never look the same. Are you ready to preserve and even grow your wealth as the western world continues to decline?

Got Silver? Got Gold?