Friday, August 5, 2011

Eric Sprott Expects Silver To Resolve To The Upside And Outperform Gold

Eric has well founded arguments as to why silver is going MUCH higher. Paper sellers be damned (eventually). The silver market is so highly manipulated with paper short sales and short derivatives that there is no possible way that actual physical silver could ever be delivered against all of these short positions.

The amount of money pouring into silver is greater than the amount of money pouring into gold even though gold is more than 40 times more expensive than silver.

The silver market is tiny compared to the gold market and therefor it is easier for the goons at JP Morgan, etc. to pull off their silver raids with great effect in downward price over the short term.

In the long term, the paper market will be overrun by the physical market and when this happens, silver will finally be a free market.

This weekly silver chart shows a pennant formation that I expect will eventually resolve to the upside with some serious fireworks.

Until then, keep stacking your physical silver and don't play with paper silver or you will probably get burned.

Got silver? Got Gold?