Friday, July 15, 2011

Silver To Gold Ratio Putting In A Bottom?

Silver prices rose from $5 to $50 and then sold off sharply and violently down to $32 per ounce.  The Silver to gold ratio has been rising as money printing (QE) continues unabated.  Silver, being extremely volatile has outperformed gold to the upside and has underperformed gold on the downside.

Silver in terms of gold looks to be bottoming here and may be headed higher.  If this happens, gold and silver will rise but silver will rise faster than gold.

This has been the case throughout this bull market in hard money or silver and gold and should continue to be so as long as we continue in a bull market for the precious metals.

This should be expected due to the continued practice of QE by Big Helicopter Ben and of course those that tell him what to do.

Silver is poised to continue it's rise as more and more people move away from INHERENTLY WORTHLESS FIAT PAPER MONEY poor mans gold that will eventually be described as the investment of the century.

This chart shows that the Silver to Gold ratio looks ready to head higher with silver prices leading the wayl