Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold And Silver Prices Surge. Gold Tops $1600/oz Silver Jumps Past $40

Silver and gold continued to climb higher on Monday morning as people across the world abandon inherently worthless FIAT currencies in search for real tangible money like gold and silver.

With the massive amount of paper and electronic FIAT money continually increasing, people are looking to be able to maintain their purchasing power and not have their wealth destroyed by the central bankers who keep giving the freshly printed money away to their buddies.

How high can these metals go?  How much worthless FIAT currency has been and will continue to be created?  How many worthless derivatives investments have been created?  As these bets fail, how many of the losing bets will continue to be covered by the American public via the Federal Reserve and more printing and borrowing of U.S. Dollars?

Got Silver? Got Gold?