Friday, June 24, 2011

Silver Loses Another 3% As Global Liquidity Crisis (Setup) Continues To Shake All Weak Hands

Gold Closes under $1500 U.S. as silver tumbles to $34.20 U.S.  This is becoming a serious selloff as the U.S. Dollar continues to rally and U.S. Paper assets once again take on their fantasy role as "Save Havens".  If I was going to weather a storm like a hurricane or a tornado, I would much rather be in my bunker built of Silver and Gold than in my neighbors bunker built of Paper Fiat Shit Dollars and Paper Bonds and Paper CD's and Electronic digit balances in the Insolvent Banking System.

Don't worry, Be Happy.  In a few months from now, this will be merely a blip on the screen in the fantasy world of manipulated government markets.  Silver and Gold will always be honest money and will be ultimately seen for what they are.  Money & Stores Of Value that cannot be created with the push of a computer button by Helicopter Ben Bernanke.

Remember...... BTFD.  Buy The F**KIng Dip my brothers and sisters.

Got Gold? Got Silver?