Friday, June 24, 2011

Silver Continues Lower As Risk Trades Are Off - Liquidity Crisis Hits

Silver was down another 2% this morning as the liquidity crisis from credit derivatives continues to put all asset classes under extreme pressure.

What does this mean?  It means get ready for SUPER QE NEXT to the Rescue!  Time to get everyone on board and clamoring for more monetary stimulus to support the debt ponzi scheme that will surely bring down the current FIAT currency system in its entirety if it is not papered over quite soon.

This looks to be the perfect setup for anyone smart or lucky enough to have an available amount of fiat currency that is available to invest hard assets like gold and silver that are being set up to the downside on purpose.

As Jim Sinclair says, the response to all of this cracked confidence will be massive monetary printing and the response to that will be much higher gold prices. 

Get ready, because soon enough, gold and silver will be rocketing much higher as the people of the world realize just how bad this ponzi scheme really is and all head for the gold and silver exits at once.

Got Silver? Got Gold?