Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silver Biding Its Time And Waiting For Retail Money To Bail Completely

Acording to ERIC (Eric's charts are the bomb), silver won't make it's next massive jump higher until the retail money has been positioned to the short side or at least has bailed out of the long side of the silver market.

At that point, the boys at HSBC, JP Morgan and the Complicit Folks at the CFTC and CME will encourage silver prices higher once again.

Let's face it, they cannot hold the price down forever, but they can do their damn best to manage the market in a way that maximizes their profits or minimizes their losses.

Take a look at ERIC's proprietary chart and you will see that we are getting close, but we are not quite there yet. (connected money is green and is ready, retail money is red and needs to fall further)