Monday, June 20, 2011

Correction In Gold And Silver Is Over - Prices Ready To Head Higher

According to James Turk, Gold and Silver prices have already finished their correction and are ready to start heading higher soon.

Turk believes that people are rapidly losing their confidence in fiat paper money currencies and are turning to gold and silver as true stores of value.

This makes perfect sense to me as I look at silver building a new base around $35 per ounce U.S. and gold hovering near its all time high in nominal U.S. Dollar price.

With the media telling people that silver is a bubble and with gold stock prices not performing as well as the price of gold, sentiment tells me that gold and silver are getting ready to move higher.

I believe that one day people will collectively awaken to the fact that fiat currencies are not worth the paper they are printed on or the hard disk space that they are taking up on banks around the world and at that point, all people will rush to the safety of real gold and silver as the only way to protect themselves from the catastrophic collapse in the purchasing power of fiat paper currencies.

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