Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$34 Silver Is Going To Look Really Cheap One Year From Now

I remember a few years ago buying silver for $8 per ounce.  Then I remember buying some for $12 per ounce.  Then I remember buying some more for $20 per ounce.  I even remember buying some for $32 per ounce which seemed really expensive at the time.

But in hindsight, all of these purchases except for the one at $32 seam pretty cheap today.  With silver trading right now at $34 U.S. per ounce, I really think this is one of those prices that is going to look really cheap in 6 months to a year from now.

You can think silver is in a bubble, but the truth is, the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Debt are in a bubble.  The dollar is currently valued far higher than it should be.  U.S. Bonds are the bubble.  Interest rates are ridiculously low for how much money is being created and how much inflation has been and continues to be created.

As the dollar continues to decline relative to other fiat toilet paper currency, it will continue to decline even faster against silver and gold.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silver Biding Its Time And Waiting For Retail Money To Bail Completely

Acording to ERIC (Eric's charts are the bomb), silver won't make it's next massive jump higher until the retail money has been positioned to the short side or at least has bailed out of the long side of the silver market.

At that point, the boys at HSBC, JP Morgan and the Complicit Folks at the CFTC and CME will encourage silver prices higher once again.

Let's face it, they cannot hold the price down forever, but they can do their damn best to manage the market in a way that maximizes their profits or minimizes their losses.

Take a look at ERIC's proprietary chart and you will see that we are getting close, but we are not quite there yet. (connected money is green and is ready, retail money is red and needs to fall further)

Friday, June 24, 2011

As Silver Inventories Plunge - Silver Prices Under Pressure?

Go Figure?  As registered silver inventories at the COMEX continue to plunge to record lows, the paper silver price on the COMEX aka the CRIMEX continues to be under extreme pressure.  Silver eligible for deliveries on the COMEX dropped to under 28 million ounces.

Just take a look at the charts.  Silver inventories dropping rapidly while price stays under pressure.  If the law of supply and demand still holds true, silver will be heading much higher when the manipulation of prices ends.

After having run up from $5 to $50, silver prices were hammered hard down to the low 30's. they have been rangebound in low to mid 30's ever since.  They certainly aren't "crashing down" or anything like that.  Even after the last two days of beatings, silver is still above $34/oz.  This is fantastic.  (especially if you were buying at 8, or 12 or 20 per ounce).

Nevertheless, assets are being driven down now on purpose in an orchestrated manner to give the Fed the room it needs to move into the next Quantitative Easing what ever they call it this time.  Jim Sinclair says the entire western banking system will implode or collapse if the euro were to fail and therefore, it will not fail.

The bankers will save it by issuing more debt.  That is what they do.  Create and issue more and more debt and make everyone a debt slave.

Make sure you have silver and gold to protect yourself from the fiat currency crisis that is happening right now as we speak.  You can never be to early, but you might already be too late.

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Silver Loses Another 3% As Global Liquidity Crisis (Setup) Continues To Shake All Weak Hands

Gold Closes under $1500 U.S. as silver tumbles to $34.20 U.S.  This is becoming a serious selloff as the U.S. Dollar continues to rally and U.S. Paper assets once again take on their fantasy role as "Save Havens".  If I was going to weather a storm like a hurricane or a tornado, I would much rather be in my bunker built of Silver and Gold than in my neighbors bunker built of Paper Fiat Shit Dollars and Paper Bonds and Paper CD's and Electronic digit balances in the Insolvent Banking System.

Don't worry, Be Happy.  In a few months from now, this will be merely a blip on the screen in the fantasy world of manipulated government markets.  Silver and Gold will always be honest money and will be ultimately seen for what they are.  Money & Stores Of Value that cannot be created with the push of a computer button by Helicopter Ben Bernanke.

Remember...... BTFD.  Buy The F**KIng Dip my brothers and sisters.

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Not Only What Will You Do, But WHERE will you be When The Dollar Collapses?

The other day I wrote about what will you do when the U.S. Dollar collapses, now you should also think about where will you be when the U.S. Dollar collapses.

There are many people with lots of money who are buying up mountain retreats and farmland and land way out in the suburbs and small towns and they are loading up with necessities, food, water, fuel etc..... they are getting ready in many ways.

Read this interesting take on Where NOT to be when the dollar collapses.

Silver Continues Lower As Risk Trades Are Off - Liquidity Crisis Hits

Silver was down another 2% this morning as the liquidity crisis from credit derivatives continues to put all asset classes under extreme pressure.

What does this mean?  It means get ready for SUPER QE NEXT to the Rescue!  Time to get everyone on board and clamoring for more monetary stimulus to support the debt ponzi scheme that will surely bring down the current FIAT currency system in its entirety if it is not papered over quite soon.

This looks to be the perfect setup for anyone smart or lucky enough to have an available amount of fiat currency that is available to invest hard assets like gold and silver that are being set up to the downside on purpose.

As Jim Sinclair says, the response to all of this cracked confidence will be massive monetary printing and the response to that will be much higher gold prices. 

Get ready, because soon enough, gold and silver will be rocketing much higher as the people of the world realize just how bad this ponzi scheme really is and all head for the gold and silver exits at once.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silver Plunges 4% As U.S. Dollar Rallies On Greek Debt And Euro Fears

Silver was taken out to the woodshed this morning and slaughtered.  As the dollar rallied higher in an orchestrated plan to bring buyers into treasuries and to give the Federal Reserve the cover it needs to bring on the next round of QE, this is to be expected.

It really is amazing how good these guys are at manipulating the markets of the world.  But then again, when you have a printing press at your disposal and you own the governments and the media, is is really that amazing?

Nahhh, not really.  But, if you are one of those people who are still holding significant sums of fiat currency and are light on your precious metals allocation, this is an opportunity for you to get some physical on the cheap and protect your assets from the wealth destruction coming our way.

Silver is building a new base in the low to mid 30s and from here will be taking out $50 and then $75 next.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Will You Be Doing When The Dollar Collapses?

The U.S. Dollar is on the ropes.  Confidence in the U.S. Dollar which is really just a U.S. Federal Reserve Note that is backed by nothing except for the full faith and confidence of the U.S. Government, is quickly eroding.

I mean really, how much faith do you have in the United States Government to be honest, fair and do what is right for the country?  I would venture that you don't have much faith in the government at all.  If this is true, then why would you have faith in the FIAT (by decree) paper currency that is created and controlled by a private banking cartel known as the "Federal Reserve"?

Like so many things in our government, the Federal Reserve is not what is seems, for it is really not a Federal Agency at all, but rather a monopolistic banking cartel that has been destroying the value of our currency since the day it was created in 1913.

It is becoming quite obvious that people in AmeriKa and all over the world are quickly losing confidence in the U.S. Dollar and in ALL FIAT PAPER CURRENCIES as well.

This is evidenced by the flight from paper currencies into the safety of REAL MONEY like gold and silver.  Unlike FIAT paper and electronic currency that can be created at will with little to no cost, gold and silver must be mined from the crust of the earth.  This takes a significant amount of resources to accomplish and there is a limited supply available to be mined.

The day seems to be rapidly approaching when a mass exodus from all things paper will occur as the psychology of people and investors the world over changes as they watch countries like Greece get financially raped by the bankers that control all of this paper FIAT crap currency.

It is becoming more likely each day now that a waterfall event will occur in the U.S. Dollar and all fiat currencies whereby they all lose value rapidly against the real money of gold and silver.  When this happens, prices of everything you need to survive such as gasoline, food, electricity, water and all types of essentials like toilet paper, aluminum foil and everything else will seem to literally explode higher.

Prices will keep rising everyday as people rush to get their hands on anything of value as they try to unload their worthless pieces of paper fiat toilet paper on anyone willing to trade for them.

There may be food shortages, electricity outages, riots, demonstrations, water shortages, toilet paper shortage, and Gold and Silver will be hard to get.

So how will this effect your life, your savings, your family, your net worth?  Will you be able to survive the destruction of wealth held in paper assets like CD's, Annuitys, Bonds and Paper Federal Reserve notes?

Have you protected your assets in any way buy purchasing physical gold and physical silver?  If not, how come?  What is your plan?  Are you just going to sit there and wait and see what happens?  Are you going to continue to place all of your faith and trust in the United States government who is controlled and works for the banking cartel?

Got Silver?  Got Gold?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Correction In Gold And Silver Is Over - Prices Ready To Head Higher

According to James Turk, Gold and Silver prices have already finished their correction and are ready to start heading higher soon.

Turk believes that people are rapidly losing their confidence in fiat paper money currencies and are turning to gold and silver as true stores of value.

This makes perfect sense to me as I look at silver building a new base around $35 per ounce U.S. and gold hovering near its all time high in nominal U.S. Dollar price.

With the media telling people that silver is a bubble and with gold stock prices not performing as well as the price of gold, sentiment tells me that gold and silver are getting ready to move higher.

I believe that one day people will collectively awaken to the fact that fiat currencies are not worth the paper they are printed on or the hard disk space that they are taking up on banks around the world and at that point, all people will rush to the safety of real gold and silver as the only way to protect themselves from the catastrophic collapse in the purchasing power of fiat paper currencies.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silver Prices Get Hammered Lower As Comex Silver Inventories Hit All Time Lows

In the most heavily manipulated market of all, silver going down in price as inventories dry up and investors gobble the white metal up, expect this to happen as the paper pushers punish paper silver prices and exacerbate the silver shortage even more.

Remember, price controls never work.  This is a form of price control.  The artificially low price allows more silver to be purchased by the public and industrial users.  This leads to less and less available silver to purchase and eventual shortages.

Take a look at the decline in available silver inventories at the Comex or better known as the Crimex.

Yeah Right - It Really Looks Like There Is A "Rush To Cash"

TheStreet.com gets the disinformation campaign award of the day with the headline article:

Gold, Silver Prices Sink on Rush to Cash

This would be sad if it wasn't so funny.

Look at the dollar chart and see if you can find the Rush Into Cash!