Friday, May 6, 2011

Open Letter To The CFTC

What ever happened to the mandate to institute position limits?  Apparently all government entities and banks like JPM are above the law?  What about the fraudulent take down of silver futures once again, this time caused by the CME raising margin requirements 5 times in 8 days in what is truly a blatant fraud meant to enrich the banks at the expense of the speculators etc....?

Bart Chilton, what ever happened to you?  What happened to the Silver Manipulation that you told us you had uncovered?  Are they forcing you to keep quiet now?

You obviously know that the Comex is running out of silver.  You know that the Comex is trading in one day, more paper silver than is produced in the entire world annually.  All this being backed by 33 million ounces of silver?  Really?

Come on guys.  Let's get real.  Let's follow the law.