Saturday, April 9, 2011

Now That Silver Has Broken $40 U.S., What Should We Do Next?

This question of course depends on your time frame and your beliefs.  If you have read this blog before, you know that I have been EXTREMELY bullish on Silver for a long, long time.  Even though silver has more than doubled in price over the past year, you must consider if it is still a good value when compared to other assets and compared to the fiat dollar.

I read once that you only need to make one or two good investment calls in your life to be highly successful.  Buying silver over the past several years would be one of those decisions.  When compared to gold, silver is still relatively cheap and gold just broke out to the upside this past week by breaking through the $1440 level.

Jim Sinclair recently wrote that by the time silver is at $75.00 and gold is at $2000.00 per ounce, there will be no more paper silver market, the physical market will take over completely.

While nothing goes straight up, and corrections in a bull market are both normal and healthy, sticking with the main trend can reap big rewards if you are able to stay in the game.

I will leave you with this important quote from the great Jesse Livermore. “Be right and sit tight.”