Friday, February 25, 2011

Eric De Groot: Beast Prowling And Public Sleeping

Eric De Groot: Beast Prowling And Public Sleeping: "The gold to silver ratio illustrates a cyclical shift from gold to silver since 1991. This cycle has showed periods and of ebb (1998-2003) a..."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Support Tested Again Today On Clifton Mining Company (CFTN)

Once again support at $0.30 has been tested and has held up strong.  CFTN traded as high as $0.38 and as low as $0.30 finishing the day at $0.35.  I believe it is only a matter of time now before the next move up starts.

Take a look at the daily chart to see today's action.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CALVF - Will History Repeat Itself?

Two times in the history of Caledonia Mining, the common stock has shot up to extreme levels in a short amount of time.  Both times this happened the common stock of CALVF rose hundreds of percent higher in only a matter of months.  In reviewing the long term chart of Caledonia Mining, I noticed something that may be of great importance.  You have to see this on the chart to understand what I am saying but here it is.   The only times the Slow Stochastic indicator has EVER risen above the 80 level on the long term monthly chart were right before the blast off and at the time of the huge gains.  Well guess what?  It has just happened again.  If history repeats itself, we are just about to the blast off point once again.  Really.  You must look at this chart and then judge it for yourself.  PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

When Will Clifton Mining Pop? CFTN

With Clifton Mining becoming a quasi silver and gold producer in the very near future, I wonder when this stock will blow up? I'm guessing it won't be too much longer. We are right down near major support at around $0.25. This looks to be an excellent entry point. Final shakeout before heading higher?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daily Silver Chart - where are we now?

Daily $Silver Chart has moved above resistance recently. Maybe it will pullback to the line? Maybe it will continue higher do to a possibly tight physical silver market that is currently in backwardation. Who knows? This is going to be a very interesting week to watch in the precious metals markets.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Silver More Rare Than Gold Looks To Head Higher In Fiat Federal Reserve Notes

Charts definitely tell the story.  Since silver in its refined state is actually more rare than gold the historical ratio of 16:1 would seem more reasonable.  Silver seems to be one of the most manipulated markets to the short side as well.  Silver is currently in backwardation for an extended period of time.  Silver is one of the most useful metals on the planet.  It is the most reflective, most electrically conductive and is a natural antimicrobial in a world where antibiotic resistance is growing all of the time.   The current rate at which silver is mined in the world is at a ratio of 10 ounces of silver for each ounce of gold mined.  There are estimated to be 1 billion ounces of above ground available silver for investment etc....  There are estimated to be 5 billion ounces of gold in above ground available form for investment etc...  this makes silver 5 times as rare as gold in deliverable form.

I just left the above comment at gary tanashians blog here regarding silver and its continual run up in price.

Silver To Gold Ratio Breaks Out To New Highs

Silver broke out today in terms of gold.  Even as gold is rising, silver looks like it is ready to rise more rapidly in the coming days or weeks.  Silver AND Gold are money.  Actually, silver is rarer than gold if you want to get your hands on it right now in refined form.

Silver ETF SLV Breaks Out To New Highs

Monday, February 14, 2011

Silver To Gold Ratio Breaks Out To New Highs - Gold Silver Ratio Breaking Down Again?

Silver has confirmed its bullish intentions in terms of gold as predicted in this post. Silver appears to have broken out in terms of gold once again today.  It must close above this level for several trading days and then rise further for this to be meaningful, but if this breakout is confirmed, look for silver to continue rising along with gold but only more rapidly.  If this whole thing turns around and the ratio fall back under the line in the very near term, all bets off.  Otherwise, look for silver to head higher and outperform gold in the process.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interesting Goings On In the Paper Vs Silver & Gold Markets

When looking at the chart of SLV:GLD (ratio of paper ETF silver to  paper EFT gold) compared to the daily chart of $SILVER:$GOLD (Comex Silver to Comex Gold) they tell two different stories.  Paper silver to gold ratio broke out to a new high and was able to maintain it yesterday while silver in terms of gold traded on the Comex was not able to reach a new high and fell back after touching the old high.  So which one of these is going to be right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will Silver Crash In 2011? Will Gold Outperform Silver?

Silver looks like it is breaking out in terms of gold. This chart shows that the silver/gold ratio may be heading higher again. Silver looks ready to outperform gold on the daily chart. Silver should be heading much higher in a mad money printing debt creating world. Do you have silver?