Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) Daily, Weekly & Monthly Charts

Here is a review of the daily, weekly and monthly charts for Clifton Mining Company.  Clifton Mining has recently become a producing company and if successful, will begin showing profits this year.  They have structured an agreement with Desert Hawk Gold Corporation whereby Clifton is more like a royalty company as it will receive a percentage of all of the Gold, Silver and base metals produced from its properties.  Clifton shareholders have a lot to gain if the precious metals production is successful.

All three charts show that CFTN is at or near strong support levels. The 1st level of support is around $0.30 and even stronger support lies at $0.25. I own CFTN and I think this is an excellent time to pick up shares in an exciting company that is just starting production. Take a look at these charts and decide for yourself.

Clifton Mining Company could literally double or triple from here in rapid fashion. This is one gold and silver penny stock that I am excited to own. Get on board before this thing takes off.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did Caledonia Mining (CALVF) Daily Chart Turn Bearish?

Looking at the updated daily chart of Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) shows that CALVF is still bullish.  Although the uptrend line was broken, it closed back above it and maybe was just washing out some weak hands.

I'm looking forward to a rally higher from these levels as Caledonia is certainly not overbought here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) Daily Chart Still Bullish

It appears that at this point the chart for Caledonia Mining Company (CALVF) has maintained its bullish posture and will likely try to test the downtrend line in the near future.  This could set up the next push to higher levels.  See the below chart.