Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coeur Silver Mining Company considers Billionaire Eric Sprott’s advice of holding silver over cash

Coeur, the biggest primary Silver producer in the US, is considering Eric Sprott’s advice of keeping some of its reserves in silver rather than cash.

“It would provide additional leverage to investors. If we are bullish on silver and Gold as companies, one of the underlying themes there is the weakening US dollar, in our case. It’s an idea that’s consistent with why we feel good about silver and gold prices”, Coeur CEO Mitchell Krebs was quoted by Mining Weekly Online


This is awesome. This could be the proverbial "Silver Bullet" that silver bulls have been waiting for. Either way, just the thought of it must scare the crap out of JP Morgan and other large paper silver shorts.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ron Paul - How He Would Return Us To A Gold & Silver Monetary Standard

Judge Napolitano did an interview with Dr. Ron Paul last night and told us how he would return us to a Silver and Gold monetary standard.

"I would like to have a transition period and just legalize gold money, gold and silver as legal tender, and work our way back."

"We want to legalize the use of gold and silver as the constitution dictates, rather than punishing the people who try to do that."

It is nice to know that there is ONE candidate for president who would not punish American citizens for using constitutional money.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In A World Gone Mad..... It's Nice To Have Some Physical Gold & Silver

Let's face it. These are some seriously uncertain times we are living in. And of course, there is really no certainty in life anyway, other than the fact that we are born, and we will die, all other options are .... well, uncertain.

But.... when the financial world seems pretty much out of control and the various central banks across the world are creating more and more fiat currency to deal with never ending financial crises, there is something "certain" about holding your own gold and silver in its beautiful physical form.

Unlike FIAT dollars, FIAT Euros & all the other FIAT junk currencies that can be created on a printing press or at the push of a computer key stroke, gold and silver cannot.

If you have ever gone prospecting for gold, you will get a real appreciation for how rare it actually is and how much time and effort and money it takes to locate it and dig it up.

So when all things seem very "uncertain" you may wish to test the certainty of physical gold and silver.

Your financial survival may even depend on it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Perth Mint Runs Out Of Silver - No Silver Left To Sell

The Perth Mint is not a small fry.  If they can't get silver, there must be a shortage of some type.  Watch the video for proof. The only problem with this video is it does not show the date of the letter.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Silver:Gold Ratio Drops As Paper Comex Silver Is Crushed Downwards

Well, here is a new update on the silver to gold ratio.  Previously I mentioned that Gary from was looking for the gold to silver ratio to rise further while I have been looking for the opposite.

Well today, Gary got it right and in a big way.  The GSR (gold to silver ratio) shot much higher today as silver was hammered 10% lower in one trading session.  Let's not forget that The DJIA was down around 400 points and gold sold off as well, only as usual, silver sold off the most.

I don't think this is a coincidence either.  Silver is a much smaller and therefore more easily manipulated market than gold.  Whenever the opportunity is right, such as this new deflationary impulse we are experiencing, silver is always hit the hardest and always declines fastest and furthest.

I suppose this will continue to happen until the day comes when the silver price is set in the cash market and not on the Crimex (comex).  Until such time, you can expect the Federal Reserve's right hand bank, JP Morgan, to sell as much paper silver as required to keep a lid on prices and keep silver in the dark.

Hats off to Gary at Biiwii for his call on the GSR.  I have posted a couple of charts below of the weekly Silver:Gold ratio (SGR).

The first chart shows how the SGR broke the uptrend line today.  The second chart shows a continuation of what looks like a bullish falling wedge which I expect to resolve to the upside once this deflationary scare has played out and the Federal Reserve starts printing money and bailing out more failing financial institutions.

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Silver:Gold Ratio Chart Update

While Gary at biiwii is flashing a warning, I am flashing an opportunity signal. Gary is my silver contrarian indicator :)

In other words, I'm looking for Silver rise in terms of gold while he is looking for it to fall......... see gary's latest post on it here
Now, Gary did not outright make a call on where it will go, because he is too unemotional for that. This is a good thing and serves him well. He does make the case though that

"The GSR has a bullish look about it as it consolidates the initial impulse higher. Of course NFTRH was all but certain of a new uptrend after the consolidation out of 2008, until the Wizard pressed the QE button on his console behind the curtain."

Now of course the GSR may just break higher like Gary suggests, in which case, we are all Fu Ct.  If Silver:Gold breaks higher, than we can expect more inflation on the way to hyperinflation.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Are We Nearing The End Of The Silver Gold Ratio Correction?

Sometimes things just don't "feel" right.  Like the fact that most people do not view silver as money.  The fact is that throughout history, silver has always been used as money.  More so than even gold.  So how could silver get pushed so far away from its monetary roots?  That is a story for a different time and place, but for the moment, it appears that we are approaching another point of inflection where by silver is going to resume it's move toward a monetary metal and hedge against systemic failure of a doomed fiat monetary system.  Do you really trust holding all of your "money" in a bank account of electronic digits that are being continually debased by fiscal imprudence and outright theft by electronic currency printing thanks to Big Ben Bernanke and his state of the art electronic printing press?

Take a look at this chart of the Silver Gold ratio which shows the value of silver in terms of gold.  As silver was running up from $5 to $50, the correlation between MACD to the Silver:Gold ratio was astounding.  In fact it was almost perfect.  But a funny thing happened since silver was smacked down with the collusive raid on paper silver prices by the corrupt CME who raised margins over and over until they got sufficient downside price manipulation in the paper silver market.

That funny thing is that the MACD went down much further than the ratio of SLV to GLD.  In other words, it looks to me like the ratio of Silver to Gold price did not confirm the much more dramatic drop in MACD for the same period.  This suggests to me that the silver to gold ratio is not looking to continue downward with gold prices outperforming silver prices in terms of fiat U.S. shit Currency also known as Federal Reserve Notes.  I call them FRN's.

With this I now see a good chance that silver will once again begin to outperform gold as gold rises against the trashy U.S. Dollar and Silver rises against gold and the dirty dollar.

So once again I will ask you, are you ready?  Got Silver? Got Gold?   OR ...... are you still banking on the piece of crap U.S. Dollar?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Silver A 30 Bagger From Here

That puts Silver at a price of $1200 U.S. Fiat Federal Reserve Notes.  So says billionaire Eric Sprott who is heavily invested in Silver, Gold and Silver & Gold stocks.

Read his interview on KWN here

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silver To Gold Ratio Coiled Like A Snake Ready To Strike

Silver To Gold Ratio Chart Update:  This pattern continues to coil and may finally be on the verge of breaking out and upward.  Once this happens, look for silver to jump rapidly toward $50.00 per ounce as measured in FIAT shit U.S. Federal Reserve Notes.

While gold is being manipulated lower by the central banks with a massive raid in the evening where they unloaded over 4000 gold contracts at time of low liquidity in order to achieve maximum smack down effect, silver is only down about 50 cents or a little over 1%.  gold is down over $60 per ounce or more than 3.5%.

This has the looks of an upside silver breakout coming soon.  Here is the chart for today.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick Update On Silver Gold Ratio - Updated Chart

Here is the daily chart of the silver:gold ratio updated for the weekend.

It looks to me like silver in terms of gold is coiling like a massive spring ready to jump much higher and soon.

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Is Silver To Gold Ratio About To Resume Uptrend?

Is it finally time for silver to start outperforming gold again?  I'm not a technician, but it looks like this formation needs to break one way or the other soon. 

The PPO on the top of the chart is moving up while the silver price has had a downward tendency, this non confirmation makes me thing the the price of silver in terms of gold may be ready to head higher soon.  (Of course this formation may break down and gold will outperform in that scenario).

It just looks to me like the chart is coiling like a spring ready to be set loose and very soon.  All silver investors will be very interested in which way this ratio heads as it will impact the price at which silver trades.

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Silver : Where Are We Now?

Let's keep some perspective when looking at the price of silver.  Many people have grown increasingly frustrated that the silver price has seemed to be stagnant recently.  Gold has been rocketing higher and has been gaining all of the recent attention.

For a little bit of perspective, let's remember that over the past year, while the price of gold has risen an astounding 46%, silver has risen 114% during this same time period.

What is happening right now is just that silver is taking a little breather. It ran up so quickly from $18 to $50 that it is now consolidating its gains. It is trading right now at $41.68 so it really isn't too far off from challenging its all time nominal high of $50 U.S. Federal Reserve Paper Fiat Notes.

More importantly, all of the reasons that you would have purchased silver at $18 or $28 are still valid today. Take a moment to watch this video on why silver is such a good investment right now.

The world is changing quickly and will never look the same. Are you ready to preserve and even grow your wealth as the western world continues to decline?

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silver to Gold Ratio Getting Ready To Resume Uptrend

The silver to gold ratio more than doubled as silver rose from $16 to $50.  Then the CME came in and hiked silver margins repeatedly in conjunction with JP Morgan selling massive amounts of paper silver into the market until they got their desired result which was knocking the price of silver down from $50 to $32 in a very short time frame.

Since that time, gold has become the star of the show and all eyes have been focused upon the golden boy.  Meanwhile, silver sits quietly in the shadows garnering little fanfare or attention.  This is all well and good as the silver to gold ratio looks to be slowly ending its counter trend move and prepares for its next move up.

Here is the daily Silver:Gold ratio chart:  Notice how it has formed a down sloping penant formation.  Also look at the PPO on top which has not confirmed this downward bias.

Now take a look at the same Silver to Gold ratio chart only this is the weekly version: Notice how the slow stochastic is extremely oversold and has been for a while.  It is now starting to creep slowly higher.  You can see the same penant formation on the chart and also notice that the MACD has now worked off its overbought condition.

So as all eyes are glued to GOLD, silver is percolating in the background, building its new base to launch higher from.  Got Silver? Got Gold?

As ERIC says, Silver Is A Tempest In A Teapot....... Are You Ready?

Monday, August 15, 2011

No More Margin On The Comex For Gold And Silver

I want to point out this VERY important quote from Jim Sinclair's website

"Before gold and silver reach full valuation the Comex will have increased margins to CASH only, 100% margin, paper ETF delivery."


I think this should give us all faith in the fact that gold and silver are still extremely undervalued.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Silver, What's It Going To Be? Industrial Metal or Monetary Metal?

With gold skyrocketing higher, many silver investors are scratching their heads at the underperformance of their favorite grey metal, silver.  Silver has been subdued to say the least in contrast to gold while the stock market has been hammered lower and gold has gone as high as $1799 U.S. Fiat Federal Reserve notes today, silver finally is starting to show some life.

In fact, silver is up 4% as I type this.  Not too bad I would say on a day when the DOW IS DOWN hundreds of points once again.  I was watching a video from Bix Wier and he was saying that the real battle right now is in the silver market.  Bix says silver has the ability to bring down this current financial system by bringing down JP Morgan Chase who does nothing but short paper silver continually.

Max Kieser always said that the end would be near once the price of silver exceeded the price of JPM stock convincingly.

Well, that day has arrived and now JPM is trading at $35.57 while Silver is above $39 and SLV (Paper Silver ETF) is trading at  $38.13.

You probably already know that Jim Sinclair, who Turd calls Santa, made it quite clear in his recent interview with James Turk of Gold Money Foundation, that when Gold clears (and stays above) $1764, it would begin an exponential move higher.  This seems to be happening right now as I mentioned that gold traded as high as $1799 today and is currently sitting at $1776.  Hey, 1776 is the year of our independence right?  What independence?  It looks like they captured us again huh?

At the moment, it looks like the banks will try to close gold lower than it is on the day, I believe it is $1775 they are defending, which gives them an $11 cushion above Jim's price of never never land.  Just as I am typing this gold has been pushed back down to $1771 so this is of course an epic battle.

People around the world seem to be quite on edge as LONDON IS BURNING AND GOLD IS SOARING.  Now if you haven't seen this, check out the new video by ANONYMOUS.

They are threatening to TAKE DOWN FACEBOOK on November 5, 2011.  Seriously, things are strange huh?  I think silver owners need to continue to stack the physical metal and be patient as this consolidation phase in silver could end at any moment.

Silver is such a tiny little market that is completely dominated with illegal paper short selling but stocks continue to go lower and most silver holders are silver hoarders.  They won't be scared out of their physical positions by paper games on the increasingly insignificant COMEX (Better Known As The CRIMEX).

Don't expect any help from the losers at the CFTC as they have already shown that they are puppets to the bankers at JP Morgan as is our own Congress and President.

As things continue to deteriorate globally, and the massive amounts of debt continue to haunt the financial system, take refugee in your Silver and Gold and you will be duly rewarded.

Got Silver?  Got Gold?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Morgan Sees Silver At $5 (Five) Dollars Per Ounce In August?

Interview With David Morgan On $5.00 Silver

David Morgan: "It is getting more difficult to predict what the market reaction will be to specific events. As people figure out that there really is no solution to the global financial system without a great deal of pain and some defaults along the road, more will seek the safety of precious metals. So, even when things calm down for the moment, it does not mean the precious metals will not get pushed down. You could see gold and silver react to the downside, perhaps dramatically—$5/ounce (oz.) silver is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. My best guess is we will see some pullback going into mid-August.

Wow. Silver at $5.00 per ounce in August? Then an incredible rebound to $75.00 as a NEW BASE LEVEL?

Is this for real? Is he smoking crack? I don't know but that type of volatility would be UNREAL!!!! To be sure silver is the most volatile metal.

Jim Sinclair said it best, "Volatility, thy name is Silver", but really, seeing silver at $5 per ounce would be pretty damn amazing considering where the world is now as compared to where is was when silver was last trading at $5.00.

I guess if Silver is correcting back to $5 in the next two or three weeks then gold will be going down to $325 or so?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jim Sinclair Interviewed By James Turk

Jim Sinclair, who called for $1650 gold when it was $325 per ounce, talks about where we are now and where we are headed. You owe it to yourself, your family and your loved ones to watch this ten minute interview. Got Silver? Got Gold?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Eric Sprott Expects Silver To Resolve To The Upside And Outperform Gold

Eric has well founded arguments as to why silver is going MUCH higher. Paper sellers be damned (eventually). The silver market is so highly manipulated with paper short sales and short derivatives that there is no possible way that actual physical silver could ever be delivered against all of these short positions.

The amount of money pouring into silver is greater than the amount of money pouring into gold even though gold is more than 40 times more expensive than silver.

The silver market is tiny compared to the gold market and therefor it is easier for the goons at JP Morgan, etc. to pull off their silver raids with great effect in downward price over the short term.

In the long term, the paper market will be overrun by the physical market and when this happens, silver will finally be a free market.

This weekly silver chart shows a pennant formation that I expect will eventually resolve to the upside with some serious fireworks.

Until then, keep stacking your physical silver and don't play with paper silver or you will probably get burned.

Got silver? Got Gold?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Have Become Comfortably Numb In The Silver Market

Lately the price of silver has been affecting me.  I mean it really has an impact on my vibration at times.  Watching the silver price go from 5 to 50 and then to 32 and now all of this recent volatility with down days like today always being extreme, what am I to think?

When I look at this chart it just makes me question everything.... well, kind of, but not really that much. You see I have become comfortably numb... that is to the daily machinations of the manipulated silver market. The market where they seem to be slowly loosing control, but still able to massively manipulate short term price.

This U.S. Federal Reserve Note price of silver is quite volatile to say the least. Silver held up quite well along with gold for the longest time today and then suddenly, it didn't and the result was a 9% decline in price from the high of $42.29 to the low of $38.47 in one trading session which is really a very short period of time.

So this "massive" sell off (it really is BIG) is just one more highly manipulative, paper leveraged sell off of my favorite white metal silver. Although it does pain me so, what should I really expect in these uncertain times.

Thankfully, you can trade one ounce of silver for 39 Federal Reserve Notes today, even after the massive "silver crash today" compared to only 8 of the same Federal Reserve Notes (which I call FRNs for short) just a short 3 or so years ago.

I truly believe that the gold to silver ratio is which at $38.90 close for silver and $1651.40 close for silver is now standing at 42.45 will be coming back down to a level of 16 to 1 or maybe even 10 to 1. At today's gold price of $1651.40 that would put silver over $100 per ounce today if it were trading at 16 to 1 gold to silver ratio which is more in line with historical averages.

But for today I will slip into a comfortable state of waiting as I have been conditioned to do during this wonderful, yet volatile, bull market in silver ............ and gold.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) Shares At Major Support Level

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) owns and operates the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe and is currently producing 40,000 ounces of gold annually.  Zimbabwe has thrown the entire mining sector into a scrambled mess by passing the indigenisation laws back in 2008 that require companies to transition their share ownership to 51 percent blacks.

Here is the news from yesterday:

HARARE -- The Zimbabwe government has thrown out all 175 indigenisation proposals it received from mining companies and promised to boot out any firms that do not meet the September 31 deadline to transfer majority stakes to blacks, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere said yesterday.

Under the controversial law, foreign-owned miners with operations in Zimbabwe must sell at least 51 percent shares to locals or face losing their assets. (source here)

Obviously this is nothing more than outright robbery and thuggery from a backwards nation, but the outcome is far from clear at the moment.

With all of this bad news, Caledonia Mining Corporation shares (CALVF) are trading down near a major support level around $.09 to $.10. (Nine to Ten cents).

The outcome of this mining threat from Zimbabwe officials will most likely have a massive effect on the price of CALVF common stock.  See weekly chart of CALVF below:

Clifton Mining Company Building Case To Test Fifty (Cents) Again Soon

When I posted "For Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) 50 is the MagiC NumbeR" I noted how important the line at $0.50 is for Clifton Mining Company share price.

Here is the chart I posted on May 29th, 2011:

Now take a look at the chart below which shows that Clifton Mining Stock (CFTN) is building a stairway of steps toward the 50 cent level.

With the weekly slow stochastic having gone into oversold territory and now turning back up, this may once be an opportunity for the share price to head back up from the current price of $0.33 to test the $0.50 level once again.  Only maybe this time it will actually break through.  If it does and if it holds above 50 cents, this would become a new level of massive support for Clifton to continue building upon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quick Charts Of CALVF and Silver

More bad news out of Zimbabwe as Zimbabwe spurns all mine plans. So the Zimbabwean government rejects all compliance plans made by foreign mining companies in line with the controversial indigenisation law. Caledonia shares are still under compression.

Silver shows a price target of $49 on the P and F Chart.

 Got Silver? Got Gold?

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) Shares Gain 19% On Desert Hawk Gold Corp News

Shares of Clifton Mining Company surged ahead by 19% this morning as news that Desert Hawk Gold Corp.,   Clifton's joint venture partner is raising cash in a private placement.

Desert Hawk Gold Corp., based in SPOKANE, WA, has raised $75,000 of a $4,600,000 private offering. Desert Hawk Gold Corp. reported this private offering July 18, 2011 in an SEC Filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Form D).

Desert Hawk Gold Corp. has a new web site under construction here.  More information on Clifton Mining Company can be found at the company website here.

The Form D showing this transaction can be found here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Caledonia Mining Corporation Shares Plunge Over 9% As Gold Price Surges

Shares of Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) took a nose dive Monday even as Gold prices surged past $1600 per ounce.

Caledonia operates the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe and is currently producing over 40,000 ounce of gold annually.

With uncertainty about the Zimbabwe Indigenisation laws, Caledonia shares have remained undervalued compared to other gold mining companies.

Yesterday I asked Caledonia about the current state of Indigenisation and here is the response I received:

We have no feedback our plan.  We believe the minister for indigenisation is reviewing the existing regulations in light of overwhelming messages from various parties, including the world bank, that the current policies will kill the zim economy.  

New dawn is in a slightly different position to us in that their acquisition of CAG just over a year ago triggered an immediate indigenisation obligation.  I know that new dawn believes this immediate obligation does not arise because the deal was done at offshore holding co level, but I think This is a thin argument which will not work on the zim authorities.  

If it has taken over a year for the zim authorities to make no progress on new dawn, where they have a much better entry point, I would not expect any speedy action from the zimbos on other mining companies. They have not got their thinking right in that we believe they do not really know what they want to achieve from indigenisation and even if they did have well-marshalled thoughts, they do not have the administrative capacity to do very much very quickly.

In the meantime, we are concentrating on increasing production and controlling costs at blanket with a view to Rebuilding our treasury so that we have flexibility on our other assets, particularly in Zambia.

Kind regards

Mark Learmonth

I have been looking for Caledonia to move much higher in the short term as it breaks higher out of this wedge formation.

Is this the final shakeout of the weak hands in CALVF? Or is Caledonia going to continue to stay mired in political and economical uncertainty?

Gold And Silver Prices Surge. Gold Tops $1600/oz Silver Jumps Past $40

Silver and gold continued to climb higher on Monday morning as people across the world abandon inherently worthless FIAT currencies in search for real tangible money like gold and silver.

With the massive amount of paper and electronic FIAT money continually increasing, people are looking to be able to maintain their purchasing power and not have their wealth destroyed by the central bankers who keep giving the freshly printed money away to their buddies.

How high can these metals go?  How much worthless FIAT currency has been and will continue to be created?  How many worthless derivatives investments have been created?  As these bets fail, how many of the losing bets will continue to be covered by the American public via the Federal Reserve and more printing and borrowing of U.S. Dollars?

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Silver To Gold Ratio Putting In A Bottom?

Silver prices rose from $5 to $50 and then sold off sharply and violently down to $32 per ounce.  The Silver to gold ratio has been rising as money printing (QE) continues unabated.  Silver, being extremely volatile has outperformed gold to the upside and has underperformed gold on the downside.

Silver in terms of gold looks to be bottoming here and may be headed higher.  If this happens, gold and silver will rise but silver will rise faster than gold.

This has been the case throughout this bull market in hard money or silver and gold and should continue to be so as long as we continue in a bull market for the precious metals.

This should be expected due to the continued practice of QE by Big Helicopter Ben and of course those that tell him what to do.

Silver is poised to continue it's rise as more and more people move away from INHERENTLY WORTHLESS FIAT PAPER MONEY poor mans gold that will eventually be described as the investment of the century.

This chart shows that the Silver to Gold ratio looks ready to head higher with silver prices leading the wayl

For Caledonia Mining Company Is It Now Or Never (Part Deux)

Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF) owns and operates the Blanket Gold Mine in Zimbabwe and is now producing over 40,000 ounces of gold annually.

Caledonia is an African focused mining and exploration company with an operating gold mine in Zimbabwe, two platinum-nickel exploration projects in South Africa and a cobalt-copper exploration project in Zambia amongst its exploration portfolio in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Caledonia's share price has been hindered by the indigenisation law passed in Zimbabwe back in 2008. The uncertainty has created a possible opportunity to reap rewards in a company that many believe is being unfairly punished for this uncertainty.

If you take a look at this long term chart that I produced back on February 23, 2011, you will see that shares in Caledonia can be highly explosive to the upside. The caveat is that this has only happened twice ever in the history of Caledonia's stock (CALVF).

Both times when the stock price took off to the upside like a rocket ship, the technical setup had the same looks as it does right this second.

Here is the monthly chart from February 23, 2011:

Now I want you to take a look at this updated chart that I created today. Unfortunately, Big Charts has deleted about 10 years of the data that the previous chart contained, but that is ok, because this shortened view lets us zoom in to where we are precisely today.

What I have been waiting for is the slow stochastic to come back down from above the 80 level to under the 50 level. Then, if the previous patterns hold true, it will once again start heading back up to above the 80 level. But this time, the price will explode higher with it.

So take a look at where we are today and you will see that the slow stochastic has indeed come back down below the 50 level and is thus ready to turn higher again.

Here is the current monthly chart:

I just added to my CALVF position today as the chart is so compelling that I would be kicking myself forever if I did not have a suitable position to speculate in this Gold mining and base metal stock.

If history repeats itself, Caledonia's stock could rapidly appreciate by a magnitude of 10 to 100 times it's current price in a time period of 1 year or less.

With the price of Gold hitting all time highs in almost all fiat paper currencies and with Caledonia producing a significant amount of gold, this may be the perfect time to get into Caledonia and ride the CALVF rocket to extreme wealth.

: I own stock in CALVF. I have owned it for many years. I bought more today. Caldedonia Mining is a penny stock which means it is highly risky, volatile and possibly illiquid. No one can predict the future with absolute certainty (but we can sure try).

Always consult with your financial adviser before making any investment decisions. Do not rely on a blog like Market Bust for your investing information. Do you own due diligence and invest accordingly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

For Caledonia Mining Is It Now Or Never?

With gold breaking out to new all time nominal highs in US$, my question becomes is it Now Or Never for CALVF?

I am reposting my favourite chart of Caledonia Mining Company and it shows that this may indeed by the moment of inflection I have been waiting for.

Here it is, now you decide.....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Huge Interest Rate Risk Says David Walker

David M. Walker (born 1951) served as United States Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008, and is now the Founder and CEO of the Comeback America Initiative.

When asked what would happen if we don't raise the debt ceiling on time, he says the U.S. would face huge risks that interest rates would rise and this could wreak financial damage in bond markets, stock markets and who knows what else.

The point he is making is do we really want to find out?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dust Storm Breaking News Now: Phoenix & Scottsdale Experiencing New Dust Storms


I am in Scottsdale AZ right now and we are having another very DIRTY storm.  The difference this time though is this Dust Storm has some moisture.

It is raining off and on with LOTS OF DUST AND SOME MOISTURE........

Is this a part of AGW or GW ?


This storm continues to drop dirty water in Scottsdale AZ, this is better than the previous dust storm because there is some moisture versus pure hot dirt last time.

Although, it is VERY DIRTY out RIGHT NOW and the rain has stopped.  The wind is blowing quite a bit.


This is kind of strange as it seems we are experiencing our own mini dust bowl.  This storm is not nearly as ominous as the first one (at least so far).

There is still wind here in Scottdale (North Phoenix), area.  There is still dirt in the air.  There is once again some rain mixed in with the dust.  That is much nicer plus the wind is slower.....

The national weather service issued a warning until 10:00 P.M. Mountain Standard time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

$34 Silver Is Going To Look Really Cheap One Year From Now

I remember a few years ago buying silver for $8 per ounce.  Then I remember buying some for $12 per ounce.  Then I remember buying some more for $20 per ounce.  I even remember buying some for $32 per ounce which seemed really expensive at the time.

But in hindsight, all of these purchases except for the one at $32 seam pretty cheap today.  With silver trading right now at $34 U.S. per ounce, I really think this is one of those prices that is going to look really cheap in 6 months to a year from now.

You can think silver is in a bubble, but the truth is, the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Debt are in a bubble.  The dollar is currently valued far higher than it should be.  U.S. Bonds are the bubble.  Interest rates are ridiculously low for how much money is being created and how much inflation has been and continues to be created.

As the dollar continues to decline relative to other fiat toilet paper currency, it will continue to decline even faster against silver and gold.

Got silver? Got gold?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Silver Biding Its Time And Waiting For Retail Money To Bail Completely

Acording to ERIC (Eric's charts are the bomb), silver won't make it's next massive jump higher until the retail money has been positioned to the short side or at least has bailed out of the long side of the silver market.

At that point, the boys at HSBC, JP Morgan and the Complicit Folks at the CFTC and CME will encourage silver prices higher once again.

Let's face it, they cannot hold the price down forever, but they can do their damn best to manage the market in a way that maximizes their profits or minimizes their losses.

Take a look at ERIC's proprietary chart and you will see that we are getting close, but we are not quite there yet. (connected money is green and is ready, retail money is red and needs to fall further)

Friday, June 24, 2011

As Silver Inventories Plunge - Silver Prices Under Pressure?

Go Figure?  As registered silver inventories at the COMEX continue to plunge to record lows, the paper silver price on the COMEX aka the CRIMEX continues to be under extreme pressure.  Silver eligible for deliveries on the COMEX dropped to under 28 million ounces.

Just take a look at the charts.  Silver inventories dropping rapidly while price stays under pressure.  If the law of supply and demand still holds true, silver will be heading much higher when the manipulation of prices ends.

After having run up from $5 to $50, silver prices were hammered hard down to the low 30's. they have been rangebound in low to mid 30's ever since.  They certainly aren't "crashing down" or anything like that.  Even after the last two days of beatings, silver is still above $34/oz.  This is fantastic.  (especially if you were buying at 8, or 12 or 20 per ounce).

Nevertheless, assets are being driven down now on purpose in an orchestrated manner to give the Fed the room it needs to move into the next Quantitative Easing what ever they call it this time.  Jim Sinclair says the entire western banking system will implode or collapse if the euro were to fail and therefore, it will not fail.

The bankers will save it by issuing more debt.  That is what they do.  Create and issue more and more debt and make everyone a debt slave.

Make sure you have silver and gold to protect yourself from the fiat currency crisis that is happening right now as we speak.  You can never be to early, but you might already be too late.

Got Silver? Got Gold? Got Bitcoins?

Silver Loses Another 3% As Global Liquidity Crisis (Setup) Continues To Shake All Weak Hands

Gold Closes under $1500 U.S. as silver tumbles to $34.20 U.S.  This is becoming a serious selloff as the U.S. Dollar continues to rally and U.S. Paper assets once again take on their fantasy role as "Save Havens".  If I was going to weather a storm like a hurricane or a tornado, I would much rather be in my bunker built of Silver and Gold than in my neighbors bunker built of Paper Fiat Shit Dollars and Paper Bonds and Paper CD's and Electronic digit balances in the Insolvent Banking System.

Don't worry, Be Happy.  In a few months from now, this will be merely a blip on the screen in the fantasy world of manipulated government markets.  Silver and Gold will always be honest money and will be ultimately seen for what they are.  Money & Stores Of Value that cannot be created with the push of a computer button by Helicopter Ben Bernanke.

Remember...... BTFD.  Buy The F**KIng Dip my brothers and sisters.

Got Gold? Got Silver?

Not Only What Will You Do, But WHERE will you be When The Dollar Collapses?

The other day I wrote about what will you do when the U.S. Dollar collapses, now you should also think about where will you be when the U.S. Dollar collapses.

There are many people with lots of money who are buying up mountain retreats and farmland and land way out in the suburbs and small towns and they are loading up with necessities, food, water, fuel etc..... they are getting ready in many ways.

Read this interesting take on Where NOT to be when the dollar collapses.

Silver Continues Lower As Risk Trades Are Off - Liquidity Crisis Hits

Silver was down another 2% this morning as the liquidity crisis from credit derivatives continues to put all asset classes under extreme pressure.

What does this mean?  It means get ready for SUPER QE NEXT to the Rescue!  Time to get everyone on board and clamoring for more monetary stimulus to support the debt ponzi scheme that will surely bring down the current FIAT currency system in its entirety if it is not papered over quite soon.

This looks to be the perfect setup for anyone smart or lucky enough to have an available amount of fiat currency that is available to invest hard assets like gold and silver that are being set up to the downside on purpose.

As Jim Sinclair says, the response to all of this cracked confidence will be massive monetary printing and the response to that will be much higher gold prices. 

Get ready, because soon enough, gold and silver will be rocketing much higher as the people of the world realize just how bad this ponzi scheme really is and all head for the gold and silver exits at once.

Got Silver? Got Gold?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silver Plunges 4% As U.S. Dollar Rallies On Greek Debt And Euro Fears

Silver was taken out to the woodshed this morning and slaughtered.  As the dollar rallied higher in an orchestrated plan to bring buyers into treasuries and to give the Federal Reserve the cover it needs to bring on the next round of QE, this is to be expected.

It really is amazing how good these guys are at manipulating the markets of the world.  But then again, when you have a printing press at your disposal and you own the governments and the media, is is really that amazing?

Nahhh, not really.  But, if you are one of those people who are still holding significant sums of fiat currency and are light on your precious metals allocation, this is an opportunity for you to get some physical on the cheap and protect your assets from the wealth destruction coming our way.

Silver is building a new base in the low to mid 30s and from here will be taking out $50 and then $75 next.

Got Silver?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Will You Be Doing When The Dollar Collapses?

The U.S. Dollar is on the ropes.  Confidence in the U.S. Dollar which is really just a U.S. Federal Reserve Note that is backed by nothing except for the full faith and confidence of the U.S. Government, is quickly eroding.

I mean really, how much faith do you have in the United States Government to be honest, fair and do what is right for the country?  I would venture that you don't have much faith in the government at all.  If this is true, then why would you have faith in the FIAT (by decree) paper currency that is created and controlled by a private banking cartel known as the "Federal Reserve"?

Like so many things in our government, the Federal Reserve is not what is seems, for it is really not a Federal Agency at all, but rather a monopolistic banking cartel that has been destroying the value of our currency since the day it was created in 1913.

It is becoming quite obvious that people in AmeriKa and all over the world are quickly losing confidence in the U.S. Dollar and in ALL FIAT PAPER CURRENCIES as well.

This is evidenced by the flight from paper currencies into the safety of REAL MONEY like gold and silver.  Unlike FIAT paper and electronic currency that can be created at will with little to no cost, gold and silver must be mined from the crust of the earth.  This takes a significant amount of resources to accomplish and there is a limited supply available to be mined.

The day seems to be rapidly approaching when a mass exodus from all things paper will occur as the psychology of people and investors the world over changes as they watch countries like Greece get financially raped by the bankers that control all of this paper FIAT crap currency.

It is becoming more likely each day now that a waterfall event will occur in the U.S. Dollar and all fiat currencies whereby they all lose value rapidly against the real money of gold and silver.  When this happens, prices of everything you need to survive such as gasoline, food, electricity, water and all types of essentials like toilet paper, aluminum foil and everything else will seem to literally explode higher.

Prices will keep rising everyday as people rush to get their hands on anything of value as they try to unload their worthless pieces of paper fiat toilet paper on anyone willing to trade for them.

There may be food shortages, electricity outages, riots, demonstrations, water shortages, toilet paper shortage, and Gold and Silver will be hard to get.

So how will this effect your life, your savings, your family, your net worth?  Will you be able to survive the destruction of wealth held in paper assets like CD's, Annuitys, Bonds and Paper Federal Reserve notes?

Have you protected your assets in any way buy purchasing physical gold and physical silver?  If not, how come?  What is your plan?  Are you just going to sit there and wait and see what happens?  Are you going to continue to place all of your faith and trust in the United States government who is controlled and works for the banking cartel?

Got Silver?  Got Gold?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Correction In Gold And Silver Is Over - Prices Ready To Head Higher

According to James Turk, Gold and Silver prices have already finished their correction and are ready to start heading higher soon.

Turk believes that people are rapidly losing their confidence in fiat paper money currencies and are turning to gold and silver as true stores of value.

This makes perfect sense to me as I look at silver building a new base around $35 per ounce U.S. and gold hovering near its all time high in nominal U.S. Dollar price.

With the media telling people that silver is a bubble and with gold stock prices not performing as well as the price of gold, sentiment tells me that gold and silver are getting ready to move higher.

I believe that one day people will collectively awaken to the fact that fiat currencies are not worth the paper they are printed on or the hard disk space that they are taking up on banks around the world and at that point, all people will rush to the safety of real gold and silver as the only way to protect themselves from the catastrophic collapse in the purchasing power of fiat paper currencies.

Got Gold & Silver?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silver Prices Get Hammered Lower As Comex Silver Inventories Hit All Time Lows

In the most heavily manipulated market of all, silver going down in price as inventories dry up and investors gobble the white metal up, expect this to happen as the paper pushers punish paper silver prices and exacerbate the silver shortage even more.

Remember, price controls never work.  This is a form of price control.  The artificially low price allows more silver to be purchased by the public and industrial users.  This leads to less and less available silver to purchase and eventual shortages.

Take a look at the decline in available silver inventories at the Comex or better known as the Crimex.

Yeah Right - It Really Looks Like There Is A "Rush To Cash" gets the disinformation campaign award of the day with the headline article:

Gold, Silver Prices Sink on Rush to Cash

This would be sad if it wasn't so funny.

Look at the dollar chart and see if you can find the Rush Into Cash!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Richard Russell Says Time Is Right To Buy Silver

Take a look at this chart from Richard Russell.  It shows how silver seems to respect the 150 day moving average as you can clearly see.  When silver was hitting 50 dollars, Richard was selling some silver, now he is a buyer.  READ More HERE

Sunday, May 29, 2011

For Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) 50 is the MagiC NumbeR

Fifty as in $0.50 as in 50 cents in United States Fiat Currency is the magic number for Clifton Mining Company (symbol: CFTN).

Take a look at the chart and you can clearly see the impact of the number FIFTY on Clifton.

Clifton Mining Is In The Process of becoming a producing mining company, kind of, sort of.  Actually, there partner, Desert Hawk Gold Corp, who just filed their latest 10-Q is starting to production on the Clifton Mining Properties whereby Clifton is more of a Royalty Company as they will receive a Net Smelter Royalty for all production from the properties in the Joint Venture.

Clifton's Share Price recently challenged the 50 cent mark and was rejected, as it is now trading at $0.38.  If Clifton can get back above Fifty Cents, it should be a very good opportunity for entry on the long side of this stock.

Desert Hawk Gold Corp has made the Keiwit Propery the main priority for their company and Clifton Stands to profit mightily from this.  Desert Hawk Gold has spent millions of dollars getting the Clifton Properties and Cactus Mill ready to produce metals and has recently begun milling concentrates from the Yellow Hammer properties through the Cactus Mill. 

I own CFTN and look forward to it breaking above 50 cents as it will once again be above the MaGiC number and increase the chances of a sustained uptrend.  Got CFTN?

Update On Caledonia Mining Corporation And Possible Rocket Launch

On February 23, 2011, I asked this question about Caledonia Mining Corporation (CALVF), "Will History Repeat Itself". 

In the post I noted that the Slow Stochastic for CALVF on the Monthly chart going back 20 years has only risen above the 80 level a few times.  During these times, there has been an amazing reaction in the price of CALVF stock.

Today I have updated that chart to see where we currently stand and if the historic pattern that has been produced will repeat itself once again.  One thing is for sure, we won't have to wait much longer to find out as we are literally just around the corner from a possibly MASSIVE MOVE UP IN Caledonia Mining Company common shares.

The only question that remains is "Will History Repeat Itself"?  I for one own CALVF and am ready to find out.  Got CALVF?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Paper Pushers Punish Silver Again

The fraudulent Paper Pushers who sell massive amounts of unbacked paper silver contracts have just done it again on silver.  While the U.S. Dollar is in freefall, gold rising rapidly and silver doing the same, in come the Paper Silver Shorts and they perform another fraudulent silver price take down while the obviously corrupt CFTC turns the other way and lets them have there way with the silver longs.

Anyone with even half a brain knows that silver is like gold and trades like a currency and protection against Fiat currency debasement.  It is also blatantly obvious that this immediate and sharp sell off is 100% unnatural and is intended to take price down without any concern of maximizing the selling price of the silver metal itself.

It is done with one purpose and one intention only, to illegally manipulate the price of silver lower for the benefit of those big players that are short massive amounts of paper silver contracts.

Gary Gensler and Bart Chilton should be charged with negligence in performing their mandated job purpose which is to keep the futures markets trading freely from manipulation like this.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CFTC Chairman Gensler Blames Rising Commodities Prices On Speculators - Shifts Blame Away From Central Bank Money Printing

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, blamed higher prices of commodities on speculators as he is pressured to bring down the price of crude oil by the Obama administration.

Gensler wrote in response to a May 11 letter from 17 senators seeking a CFTC plan for curbing crude-oil speculation.

This is a TYPICAL REACTION from one government agency working in conjunction with another government agency to alter free market prices in commodities that they feel would be beneficial for their own purposes.


It seems that the high oil prices prompted the phony congress to write to their cronies at the CFTC asking how they could manipulate the prices lower.  


Bart Chilton appears to have been taken over by the dark side as well.  Chilton who originally came out and said that he was certain that Silver prices had been illegally manipulated, has now gone completely silent on that issue.  Then yesterday he came out with the following statement:
“American consumers are hurting, at the gas pump, at the grocery store, at their local bank, and it’s our responsibility as regulators to do all we can to the fullest extent of our authorities to ensure that the prices consumers pay are 100 percent fair and accurate"

While this statement may be factually true, it once again mixes two separate issues intended to mislead and deceive.  It mentions that consumers are hurting from high prices and that the "authorities" can do something about IT; IT OF COURSE BEING THE HIGH PRICES WHICH IS NOT THE "AUTHORITIES" JOB TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT. Prices should be set in a FREE MARKET and not manipulated to work in the favor of the powerful interests like the banks who own and run our government.


And so it goes, the Federal Reserve, The Big Banks, The CFTC, Obama and The Congress of The United States all working together to ROB THE AMERICAN PUBLIC and TO ACT LIKE THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING TO HELP, WHEN IN FACT, THEY ARE THE CAUSE.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Many People Will Go Hungry When The U.S. Dollar Ponzi Scheme Collapses?

The U.S. Dollar which is not really even a dollar but rater a "Federal Reserve Note" is nothing more than a mirage in the desert.  Federal Reserve Notes are just that, Notes.  What is a Note? It is a formal piece of paper that says one person owes another money, in this case the Federal Reserve.

But what are they going to pay you back with? More Notes of course. And what makes these notes valuable? Nothing more than the belief of the people who use them.

And how are these notes created? Quite simply they are borrowed into existence. This means that Money is just debt. So if all of the debt were to be repaid tomorrow, there would be no more "official Money". FIAT PONZI CURRENCY NOT BACKED BY ANYTHING EXCEPT HOPE.

But one day, and probably sooner than anyone expects, the CONFIDENCE IN FIAT DEBT CRACKHEAD MONEY WILL COLLAPSE ALMOST OVERNIGHT!


The people will realize that the government has borrowed so many FIAT DEBT DIGITS into existence and they are all worthless NOTES to be repaid with more worthless notes.

At that point there will be a massive rush to get anything they still can for the FIAT DEBT PONZI money that they have. They will see Silver and Gold rising huge amounts every day along with prices in all necessities rising as well.

To quote Richard Russell, "A hungry man is an angry man, and a hungry, angry man is a dangerous man."

If you haven't done so yet, get out of FIAT TRASH MONEY and buy physical silver and gold, money of history. Don't wait for the stampede, because you will already be too late.

Got Silver?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quote From Ted Butler On Silver

Theodore Butler, a silver investment researcher, states that:
"In terms of its necessity to a modern society, silver has the highest value and the greatest utility. An ounce of silver has more value to industries that must have it than does an ounce of gold. An opportunity exists because the current price doesn't reflect this fact."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Opportunity To Ride The Silver Bull

This silver bull market has been a wild ride.  Riding the silver bull is like riding no other bull market, it is much more violent..... both to the upside and to the downside.  Especially to the downside.  Jim Sinclair recently wrote "Silver - thy name is volatility" and he is right.

But taking a longer term perspective on it, you will find that if you hopped on this bull by buying and possessing physical silver bullion at the $5.00 per ounce level,  you have done very, very well to say the least.

Take a look at a long term chart of silver and you can see just how things have progressed.  We just about touched the old Hunt Brothers high of $50 recently.  Of course we have had a sharp manipulated selloff compliments of the Crooks at the CME, CFTC, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC etc....... Ad Naseum... BUT, the important thing to remember is that you have made a decent amount of FIAT so far.  Like 7 Times your original investment at todays price of $35 per ounce of silver.

Silver isn't even above its nominal high of $50 per ounce let alone anywhere near where it would have to be adjusted for inflation.

So, if you have been watching from the sidelines and haven't gotten any physical silver yet, now you have a chance to get in around 35ish.  Get physical only.  Then enjoy the volatility on the upside and maybe take some FIAT off of the table when Silver gets crazy to the upside next time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do You Really Think Silver Is In A Bubble?

Then you must live in a bubble.  Really? Silver in a bubble?  With more fiat currency and a larger population than ever looking to protect themselves from the endless amounts of fiat taking over the world, silver is hardly in a bubble.

Stacy put together a great article that shows that silver in not in a bubble.  Definitely worth the read.

Expect The Unexpected In Silver

After a great correction in price like we’ve just witnessed, there always exists the feeling that the silver game may be over, or over for a long time...especially when a large number of commentators are echoing this sentiment. But feelings are different from facts and the facts argue against this line of thinking. - silver analyst Ted Butler...May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) From Explorer To Producer

Money has started flowing into the coffers of Clifton Mining Company from its partner Desert Hawk Gold Corporation.  Desert Hawk Gold Corp., is the operational company that is doing the mining and milling on the Clifton Mining properties.  They have completely revamped the Cactus Mill and have spent millions getting the mill and the properties ready for production.

According to today's press release, "The pipeline is now filling and Clifton has now received its first check for ore processed and sent to the smelter for refining. Clifton expects to receive checks on an ongoing basis from operations."

The cash flow should only get larger and larger as operations are ramped up.  The beauty of this arrangement is that Clifton Mining doesn't have to do anything at all except sit back and collect the money.  Clifton gets a percentage of all of the ore produced just like a royalty company.

As of December of 2009, Clifton Mining had less than 54 million shares outstanding.  With this low share count and money flowing into the coffers, Clifton is taking on a whole new look and feel.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silver To Be Re-Monetized In Mexico Soon

According to an interview with Hugo Salinas Price on KWN (King World News), Silver is in the process of being reintroduced as circulating currency in Mexico.  Mexico recently purchased 100 Tons of gold in a effort to diversify their reserves as they must see "the writing is on the wall" that currency destruction and financial ruin are coming to America very soon.

Mr. Price was quoted as saying "I can’t help telling you that we have very strong support in the Congress for the monetization of silver, very strong support.  Congress is not in session now and will not be back in session until September, but I have high hopes that when both the upper and the lower Houses reconvene in September that we will see something very good happen.”

When asked if the monetization of silver in Mexico could happen in one, two or three years Hugo Salinas Price replied, “I think it could happen sooner than that, I think that it might happen this year.  Things are looking good.  Of course I have been saying this for some time, but now I am saying it with more emphasis...The idea is now firmly entrenched and it’s only a matter of time before we see some action.”

Read more here:

Supreme Court endorses warrantless search based on marijuana smell

WELCOME TO AMERIKA, MAY I SEE YOUR PAPERS PLEASE?  America, no longer the home of the free or the brave, has become a police state where citizens no longer have any rights.  Other countries are now taking the lead in freedom where America once stood proud.

Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg was in the minority, opposing the majority decision made by the court.

"The court today arms the police with a way routinely to dishonor the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement in drug cases," she wrote. "In lieu of presenting their evidence to a neutral magistrate, police officers may now knock, listen, then break the door down, nevermind that they had ample time to obtain a warrant."


Bank Runs Coming To America. Citizens Will Flee To Precious Metals.

According to Eric Sprott, who has been correct on his calls on Silver and Gold, U.S. Citizens will begin to flee the banking system and head into gold and silver.

Sprott says "The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall" in the U.S.  He also said Silver was "manipulated down" after it fell $6 US in 13 minutes on a Sunday evening when trading was light.

Read more:

Comex Registered Silver Continues To Decline: Silver Prices Manipulated Lower

With the continued drop in registered Comex Silver inventory, something funny is happening in the Silver market.  The price is going down.  So let's get this straight, as the available amount of silver on the Comex is shrinking quickly, the price is shrinking as well.  Ok then, there you have it.  This must be a totally free trading market and the U.S. Dollar price of silver must really accurately represent the value of silver today. Right?  ;)

To me, something really stinks.  The amount of "paper" or "electronic" silver being traded in ONE DAY on the Comex, which sets the "Paper" or "electronic" price of silver is routinely as much silver as is produced in the entire world ANNUALLY.  


Chart Source: 24 Hour Gold

United States Of America Ponzi Scheme Headed For Disastrous Collapse

Remember this my friends:  Federal Reserve notes are nothing but debt.  All money is created by being borrowed into existence.  Credit expansion always ends badly.

Ludwig von Mises – Austrian Economist (1881- 1973)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver UP 6% Today. Don't Expect It To Take Too Long To Take Out $50

Did you take advantage of the massive silver liquidation to load up on some physical this weekend?  If so, I bet you had to pay significantly more than spot price.  At lease a few dollars and possibly much more.  With silver continuing to stay in long term backwardation, don't expect it to stay down here too long.  I expect some consolidation throughout the rest of may and early June and then see it taking out the $50 high permanently.

That's right.  $50 should fall for good.  With all the fiat shit paper money being created around the globe chasing commodities, silver as monetary and industrial metal should be heading much, much higher over the long term.

Don't get cute, get physical metal and sit on it.  Protect it.  And you will come out of the great dollar collapse in much better shape than most of the sheeple in AmeriKa.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keep Your Eye On The Gold To Silver Ratio

This chart is the key to what happens next with silver.  After attempting to break through the 45 level three times since 1984, the gold to silver ratio finally did just that on silver's run up to $49.75.  This surge in silver relative to gold knocked the ratio all the way down to 32.  With the massive correction that silver has just experienced, the ratio is now back up to 42.26.  This is looking like a case of testing the breakout or testing the breakdown however you want to look at it. Look at this chart and you can see where we have been and where we are now.

The point is this.  Silver finally broke out in terms of gold and quickly ran up in price.  It is now getting close to testing the 45 area of support/resistance.  If it holds, look for silver to once again move rapidly higher in terms of gold as gold heads higher at a slower rate of appreciation. 

I fully expect that the gold silver ratio will once again reach 16 or possibly lower than that.  Owning silver can be a religious type of experience.  As Jim Sinclair put it, "Silver, thy name is Volatility".

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Silver to Gold Ratio Chart Update

After rising sharply in terms of gold, the silver to gold ratio has dropped sharply during the CME raid on Silver as they hiked margin levels repeatedly.  The Silver to Gold ratio is coming down to support levels and has possibly already reached its low. 

Look at this chart and note how swiftly the ratio corrected and how it has bounced off of the first support area.  If this area fails, there is much stronger support just a little bit lower.

Remember, annual silver production is roughly nine times more than annual gold production.   I am betting that this is just a correction and once it is tested, the silver to gold ratio will continue higher from hear after consolidating.