Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Predictions: Will Silver Crash In 2011?

Predictions are easy to make, but that doesn't mean they will come true.  So how can we predict anything with certainty?  I guess we really can't, but we can make educated guesses to increase our odds of being correct.  I suppose attempting to make Super Bowl predictions for the NFL is just as hard as predicting what the price of cotton will be next year.  But anytime we make a prediction, we attempt to factor in all possible known information and then make our guess based on the way we interpret that information.

So getting back to predicting the price of silver for 2011, I predict it will go up.  In fact, I predict it will go much higher!  This is based on many factors a few of which are supply and demand, short positions in the paper silver  market, massive fiat currency printing by most central banks and most specifically the Federal Reserve Bank and a quantum shift in investor sentiment toward protecting wealth as they realize that the debt bubble that is America is going to be blown as large as necessary in order to legally default on the U.S. Governments payments to the world.