Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoshone Silver Gold Mining Company Chart (SHSH)

Shoshone Silver Mining (SHSH) Stock has shown it has now broken out of the longer term downtrend it has been in.  It has done this on heavy volume.  I own SHSH and feel it is an excellent investment.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Clifton Mining Company Ready To Head Higher?

After announcing that they will become a revenue producing company in the very near future, CFTN stock price made a nice move up and has been consolidating.  This chart says CFTN will be heading higher and soon.  I own CFTN, should you?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clifton Mining Corporation - The Missing Information Has Surfaced

As a shareholder of Clifton Mining Company, I have a high level of interest in their future plans and operations.  Specifically, when will they start making money and how will that affect their share price.

While Clifton Mining has made announcements regarding its joint venture agreement with Desert Hawk Gold Corp, it has been vague and left a lot to the imagination.  There is a saying that lack of information breeds misinformation.  This is certainly true.

I have now been able to ascertain a much more detailed look into what is actually occurring with Clifton and Desert Hawk Mining.   Clifton shareholders will surely want to study the document that I am providing a link to below.

It is the prospectus for Desert Hawk Gold Corp.  As it turns out, they are doing an IPO at $0.70 per share.  Clifton Mining owns 500,000 of these shares.  Not only that, but it gives detailed information regarding the joint venture between Clifton Mining and Desert Hawk.  There are some other gems in there as well.  For example, you will see that Desert Hawk has a different agreement with the Moeller Family Trust for the Yellow Hammer gold claims that are very near to the Clifton Mining claims.

So pull up a chair and check this out.  It really does look like the Clifton Mining properties are set to begin production with Clifton Mining in a position to sit back and reap the cash flow from the net smelter royalties and ride the possible appreciation in share price of Desert Hawk Gold Corp after they do the IPO.  Enjoy CFTN shareholders.

Prospectus For Desert Hawk Gold Corp