Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strange Happenings With SLV Silver ETF Trading

This morning while I was watching the quotes from my Scottrade account I noticed something very odd.  The bid and ask for SLV silver ETF fund were not representative of the price.  This is not a normal occurrence as I have been watching the SLV fund trade on my quote board since its inception.  The bid and ask almost always move in an orderly fashion with the price.

I captured some screen shots of while it was happening.  The price of SLV was rocketing higher at first with the bid and ask staying lower.  Then later the bid and ask were higher as the price of SLV was moving lower.  Eventually, as the excitement died down, the bid and ask moved into alignment with the price.

Check out these screen shots in the order that I captured them.  What does this mean if anything at all?