Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is Silver About To Crash Or About To Soar?

Things are getting interesting here. Clive Maund of www.clivemaund.com is predicting a general market crash based on deflation. He is looking for a massive sell off in the stock market as well as in the precious metals shares and metals in general. On silver he is looking for a massive sell off as well and expects silver to be treated as a base metal instead of a precious metal. Clive is even looking for gold to drop precipitously. When does he expect this? Soon. Very soon. Read more here.

Then we have Eric De Groot  of http://edegrootinsights.blogspot.com/ looking at gold and even the stock market being in a bullish set up.  Check out Eric's excellent review of gold and paper gold (GLD) here.

James Turk has been watching for an upside breakout in silver for months now and thinks the next couple of weeks are going to be critical.  See James Turk's silver consolidation chart and predictions here.

There are lots of other opinions out there right now as well.  The opinion I am betting on above all is Jim Sinclair's prediction that gold will reach $1650 per ounce by January of 2011.  If this happens, and Jim gets it right like he seems to always do, I expect silver will trade higher as well and not crash.  I don't expect silver to all of a sudden be treated completely as a base metal instead of a precious metal.

So ladies and gentlemen, what will it be?  Up, down, sideways. Gold, Silver, Stocks or Bonds?  Place your bets now.