Saturday, July 18, 2009

CALVF: Caledonia Mining Corporation: Dog Food or Tasty Morsel?

I purchased CALVF (Caledonia Mining Corp.) common stock about 5 years ago (estimate only) when the precious metals market was starting to heat up early on and when a bunch of the very small mining company stocks were being run up very quickly.

Looking at the CALVF long term chart, you can see there were two times where the stock basically went ballistic. It has been a long time since this happened and the Caledonia Mining Company of today is a far cry from the company back then.

Even since I have owned the stock, the company has sold off it's primary gold mines and purchased another one.

It has made agreements and announcements about projects with Cobalt and Platinum projects, joint ventures etc..... that all sounded really good. But in the end, almost nothing ever seems to happen.

I am surely not the only investor to question the legitimacy of this company. But, I still hold my investment to this day. I am hoping (wrong way to invest as hope is not your friend) that some day when the big bang in gold prices occurs, which I believe to be imminent, that the shares of CALVF will once again reach up to the heavens in a spectacular fashion as has happened twice in the past, once back in 1987 and again in 1994/1995.

So will CALVF continue to be dog food? Or, will Caldedonia shine once again making fortunes to those crazy enough to hold onto this extremely risky penny stock that seems to continually disappoint?

Take a look at the long term chart and then make your best guess!