Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silver/Gold Ratio : SLV/GLD Ratio Gold Silver Ratio

This is an indicator that is worth following if you are a silver or gold investor. I've been waiting to see if it would break out in favor of silver or gold for some time now. Here are a couple of charts that show where we currently are (before taking into account today's trading activity).

It seems a case can be made for gold:silver possibly bottoming here and then heading higher. It also seems that a case can be made for silver:gold breaking higher from these levels.

Which means I can tell absolutely nothing from these charts. But here they are anyway.

I personally think silver is way too cheap in terms of gold with the historic ratio being about 16:1 and currently standing at 65:1. But, I have been thinking this for a long time now and it hasn't come anywhere close to getting back in line with what I consider should be reality.

That is why opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. But most of them stink. But I have positioned myself in favor of silver outperforming gold over the long term. It may end up being another one of my many investing mistakes. Or it may end up working out nicely.

As I write this, silver is up 24 cents to $14.85 and gold is up $1.10 to $953.20. So for this moment silver/gold ration heads a little bit higher.