Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is the Fed Secretly Easing while telling the world they are not?

While the Fed is advertising the Federal Funds rate at 5.25% officially, behind the scenes it appears they are doing something entirely different. Imagine that, a private banking cartel in charge of the United States money supply saying one thing and doing another.

It is kind of like our goverment telling us the CPI shows inflation is under control while behind the scenes they are using "magical hedonical adjustments" to make it appear however they wish. They say that food costs are going down when we all know better.

Has the Fed Already Eased?
Posted by David Gaffen

The active conversation among the panicky revolves around whether the Federal Reserve should move to cut interest rates before its meeting about a month from now, but the slide-rule committee, through open market operations, has kept the effective funds rate way below its target for several days now. Is this, in and of itself, an easing? (Read more here)