Friday, May 11, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Ron Paul Should Be Our Next President

1. Secure our borders. Ron Paul knows that our current policy called "let more in now" is not working. America is filling up to quickly with too many illegal immigrants. Like it or not, it is a problem.

2. Return to honest money. This is in direct opposition to our current system of funny money (fiat currency) that is backed by nothing and printed at will.

3. The right to bear arms. He is against gun control and this is a good thing. Guns in the hands of citizens is the only way to keep the government in check. If you believe in gun control, maybe you should have been on the Virgina Tech campus during the massacre where the only person with the gun was the bad guy. Maybe someone could have stopped him more quickly if they were armed. More gun control just means less protection for the citizens. I believe in protecting my self and I don't trust the government to do it for me.

4. Return control of the money supply to our own government. As it stands right now, the money supply and printing of money is in the control of the Federal Reserve. Why should we continue to allow a private banking cartel to control the money of the American people? And the answer is......... we shouldn't! Why borrow money and pay interest on it when we can create it by ourselves and pay nothing?

5. End shameless deficit spending. Ron Paul believes in living within our means. If you don't, I imagine you will be on the streets and poor one day. So live it up now because you are living on borrowed time.

6. End the war in Iraq. Ron Paul has opposed the war on Iraq from the beginning. The United States is engaged in war mongering for reasons that aren't good. The war on terror is really just a war on your freedoms. If you don't believe it, I hope you are detained and sent to the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

7. Protecting the sovereignty of the United States. The United States is a great country and I would like it to stay this way. For those of you who are hoping to see the merging of the United States with Mexico and Canada in the North American Union, have another hit off of your crack pipe and get out of America. You will surely like Mexico better!

8. Protection of property rights. When I purchase a piece of property, I like the notion that I "own" it. I don't like the notion that it can be stolen out from under me at any moment by powerful groups with grand plans for my land for the "greater good". If you don't agree, then give me your home now and I will give you "fair compensation" as determined by me. Thank you in advance!

9. Taming the IRS. The IRS is like the mafia. They have no laws backing their existence and they have no laws supporting their ability to collect income taxes. The only reason we pay is because we are afraid. That is why I pay taxes and that is why you will too. Ron is aware that the IRS is out of control and dangerous.

10. Reinstate the Constitution. For those of you who don't care about the Constitution or who think it is outdated, you are a part of the reason our country is in the mess we find ourselves now. Our forefathers created the constitution for a reason. If you don't understand it, I cannot help you.

I like the way Ron Paul thinks and his values are far superior to those of most Americans and all other presidential candidates that I am aware of. Please leave your comments below. God bless America and Ron Paul.