Friday, May 18, 2007

Michigan GOP Chairmain Wants to Ban Ron Paul from Future GOP Debates

Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party says he wants to to bar Texas congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from future GOP presidential debates. Anuzis is circulating a petition among Republican National Committee members, debate sponsors and broadcasters to keep Paul out of debates.

In an amazing display of foolishness and pathetic moral character, Saul Anuzis has the nerve to try and prevent Dr. Ron Paul from future debates. This has of course angered many Americans who support Dr. Paul.

Saul has now had the "contact page" of his website removed so that he will not be bothered by people emailing him and calling him and his office to voice thier displeasure with his stupid idea.

Here is the Michigan GOP website:

Here is the now defunct Contact page:

Here is his email address taken before he took it off of the site:

Here is another email address of his obtained from

Here is Saul's telephone number: MICHIGAN GOP:

Here is the telephone number for the GOP NATIONAL OFFICE:

Here are email addresses for the GOP NATIIONAL OFFICE:,,,,,

Here is a link to the petition that has been created to object to any debate ban of Dr. Paul: (It has already received more than 10,000 signatures)

Saul is obviously scared to death of the message that Mr. Paul has to deliver. Saul should stand up like a man and take phone calls and emails instead of hiding like a coward and removing all contact information.

Hiding from it won't make it go away.

I encourage all Americans to get on the phone and call the Michigan GOP as well as the National GOP office and let them know what you think about this.

This is a truly embarrasing moment for the Republican Party.