Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Stossel of ABC News Interviews Ron Paul

This interview with Ron Paul gives a basic overview of how the U.S. Government would be run if Dr. Paul were elected President:

This is worth the 5 minutes it takes to watch:


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making Money with Drop Shipping

If you are looking for a start up internet business that you can afford and you are low on capital to fund your new venture, you may be the perfect candidate for drop shipping.

For those of you not familiar with drop shipping, it is really quite simple, in concept at least. The basics are this. You choose to sell items on your online store. You list the products for sale on your web site or online store. Then, when someone makes a purchase from your store, you simply forward the information to the drop shipping company, and they ship it to your customer on your behalf.

The choices of what to sell are almost endless. Whether you choose to sell sexy lingerie, motorcycle parts, or wedding favors is entirely up to you.

The advantages of this are that you don't have to carry any inventory. No inventory means no inventory carrying costs. In other words, you don't have to invest in a bunch of stuff that you may or may not sell. This also allows you to list a large amount of products on your site as the drop shipper is the company who has to carry all of the inventory.

The disadvantages of this are that you are completely reliant upon the drop ship company to fulfill your orders. This is the worst part of the arrangement. Unless you have a very reliable drop shipper that keeps all inventory in stock at all times, you will end up in some annoying situations that can cost you time, money and ultimately lost customers.

If I had to recommend to you you the most important thing of all when it comes to starting a drop shipping business, I would say without a doubt that choosing the best drop shipper is of crucial importance. If you do this, you will avoid endless hassles with the drop shipper as well as your customers. This will enhance your business by providing timely shipments and communications with your customers and help bring back repeat buyers.

Mess with your customers and watch them disappear in a flash. It is very hard to get a new customer but it is very easy to lose them. Not only that, but time is valuable and messing around with back ordered products is a waste of your precious time.

Use Online Shopping Coupons to lower your costs of online purchases.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why I Believe Shoshone Silver Mining is Currently Undervalued

Shoshone Silver Mining
Review of Shoshone Silver Mining Company(OTCBB:SHSH)

Why I Believe It Is Currenty Undervalued

Ticker Symbol: SHSH
Date of this Report: 12/12/07

As of September 30th, 2007, there were 19,396,679 shares of common stock issued and outstanding fully diluted.

As of September 30th 2007 there are 80,000,000 common shares authorized.

Web site address

Current Share price: $0.26 as of 12/12/07

Current Market Cap is $5,043,137

Shoshone Silver Mining Company was founded by the late Irvin Scheller in 1969 as a silver exploration, development and production company based in North Idaho. Shoshone operated its three Lakeview District Mines and Lakeview Mill successfully producing silver, gold and base metals for much of the two decades that followed. As silver prices declined into the early 1990's, Shoshone closed much of its production and shifted its policy towards acquiring new properties and diversifying its interests.
Irvin Scheller believed there was great but unproven potential in the Lakeview District. Due to Mr. Scheller's efforts, Shoshone obtained its initial Lakeview holdings from Sunshine Mining.

Past Producer
Not only is Shoshone Silver Mining an exploration company, Shoshone is a past producer. Shoshone was an active producer from approximately 1970 to 1990. The following properties were producing mines that can be put back into production quickly.

Conjecture Mine: Active from 1913 to 1956
Idaho Lakeview: Active from 1916 to 1956
Weber-Rainbow: Active from 1890 to 1981
Keep Cool: Active from 1927 to 1954

Click Here to view the Complete Summary of Past Production With Quantities of Minerals Mined

Current Projects
Shoshone Silver Mining is a silver exploration company and most likely a near term producer of silver from multiple sources. In addition to exploring for silver, they hold properties with exploration potential for Gold, Zinc, Lead, Platinum group metals, Copper, and Uranium and Gallium. In all, Shoshone controls over 6000 acres of land in the western US and Mexico, and has no long-term debt.

The following is a summary of Shoshone Silver Mining current projects: (Click on a property or property group for more information)

Shoshone Silver Property Summary
Properties by Class: Showing Number of Acres & Types of Metals

Lakeview District 1,100 acres containing Ag, Au, Cu, Zn, Pb
Zacatecas, Mexico 3,284 acres containing Ag, Zn, Pb
Silver Valley 552 acres containing Ag, Cu, Pb
Platinum Group Metals 700 acres containing PGM, Ag, Au, Cu, Pb
Arizona Gold 460 acres containing Au
Montana Gold 120 acres containing Au
Nevada Uranium 860 acres containing U, Ga

Current Estimated Reserves
Only three of these properties (Bilboa, Lakeview, Conjecture) have any type of estimated or proven and probable reserves from what I can find. Here they are:

Bilboa, Mexico:
Preliminary sulfide resource estimate from January 2007 shows the following resources (Shoshone’s portion):
Zinc - 54,320,000 Lbs
Lead – 33,460,000 Lbs
Copper – 3,640,000 Lbs
Silver – 2,186,100 oz
(Calculations based on Shoshone’s 25% ownership of the project

Lakeview Mine:
Silver 285,442 oz
Does not include copper, lead and zinc values

Conjecture (Conjecture Mine Estimate Information)
Silver 8,330,800 oz
Zinc 42,360,000 lbs
Lead 7,060,000 lbs

Totals From Bilboa, Lakeview & Conjecture:
Silver 10,802,342 oz
Zinc – 96,680,000 Lbs
Lead – 40,520,000 Lbs
Copper – 3,640,000 Lbs

(Note: These are the calculations that I came up with based on the information I reviewed. Please do your own calculations and due diligence and do not rely on my figures. These figures are based on estimated resources from the company’s website, Chester Mining Company’s website and from it’s joint venture partner’s web site, Minco Plc., as interpreted by me)
At current prices for silver, zinc, copper & lead, the above resources alone are valued at approximately $360,000,000.

Lakeview Mill
Shoshone owns the Lakeview Mill that is located on its Lakeview property. There will be no major costs associated with building a mill to process ore. They have just completed a renovation of the 100-ton per day facility and made many upgrades. As of September 20, 2007, it has just been put back into service. The mill is currently processing previously stockpiled material mined in the Lakeview District. Shoshone is continuing to upgrade and expand its flagship Lakeview mill and expects to continue processing this stockpiled ore through the beginning of the 2008 season.

The facility will also be available for the custom milling of ores produced by other companies in and around the Lakeview district as it was in the past. Shoshone plans to aggressively market this service to regional mining companies. This is very valuable, as Shoshone will not have to raise capital to finance the construction of a mill to process their ore.

Investment Portfolio
An additional feature of Shoshone is that it holds an active portfolio of investments in other mining companies primarily from the Silver Valley. Following is a list that shows Shoshone’s current investment portfolio as of their most recent filing.

The following summarizes the number of common shares owned and available for sale at September 30, 2007: (Click HERE to view the most recent 10-QSB)

Chester Mining Company (CHMN) 2,500 shares
Gold Crest Mines (GCMN) 687,050 shares
Kimberly Gold Mines (KMGM) 321,500 shares
Merger Mines Corp (MERG) 10,000 shares
Metropolitan Mines Limited (MEMLA) 6,000 shares
Mineral Mountain Mining & Milling (MMMM) 5,000 shares
Sterling Mining Company (SRLM) 19,334 shares

This gives Shoshone additional upside potential via its precious and base metals stock holdings. Many of these companies are traded on the pink sheets or bulletin board. Sterling Mining was recently listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Late Stage Exploration
Shoshone Silver’s Bilbao silver and base project in the Zacatecas Mining District is in late exploration stage with its JV partner Minco PLC. (Minco site Bilboa Project Details HERE)

(Bilboa Information from Shoshone HERE)

From Pink Sheets to OTCBB
On August 23, 2007, Shoshone Silver Mining was listed on the OTCBB operated by NASDAQ. This is a move up from the pink sheets that I see as a positive moving forward.

In Summary, Shoshone Silver Mining (SHSH) is a precious metals exploration company with a portfolio of past producing properties as well as other carefully selected properties with new exploration potential.

Shoshone’s Bilboa project is a late stage exploration project with its joint venture partner Minco Plc.

Shoshone has an operating mill so no financing is required to build one. Shoshone is currently processing stockpiled ores from their Lakeview Mine in their newly refurbished Lakeview Mill for future cash flow. Shoshone plans on profiting from contract milling activities for other local mining companies as they did in the past.
Shoshone has an investment portfolio consisting of common stock in other precious metals mining companies that provide potential for upside appreciation in value as well as a liquid asset that can be used for cash flow as needed.

Shoshone has no long-term debt or off balance sheet arrangements. Shoshone’s current market cap is very low compared to the value of its estimated mineral resources, existing mill and infrastructure, existing portfolio of investments, many properties with historical production and future exploration potential.


I currently own 57,200 shares of SHSH

No one has paid me to write up this report or send it to anyone. This review is an independent report by me and the opinions expressed are mine alone. All information used to compile this report was gathered from sources linked to throughout the article. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information in this report but I have compiled it in good faith to the best of my ability. Do your own due diligence. I am interested in seeing the price of Shoshone common stock increase in value, as it would bring me personal financial gain. Shoshone Silver Mining is a penny stock and the risks associated with investing in penny stocks are many. Then again, the rewards can be great.

Michael H. Harader, CPA
Scottsdale, AZ

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Don't be a Sheep

Americans in general are a bunch of idiotic sheep. Or to put it another way, we are a country full of many sheeple with a growing number of other non-sheeple citizens who are shedding their wooly coat and realizing how bad our government really is.

I am thankful for Ron Paul and all of his supporters who truly love freedom and the Constitution. If you know some sheep that have not shed their coat, do them a favor and point them in the right direction.

Now please enjoy this excellent tribute to Ron Paul and the sheep of America performed by Steve Dore.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Awesome New Ron Paul Money Bomb = The Ron Paul Tea Party

Remember reading about the Boston Tea Party? It was a protest by American citizens over oppressive government taxes. The citizens of Boston literally dumped large amounts of tea into the Boston Harbor.

We are going to have another tea party. Only this time we will be dumping millions of dollars into Ron Paul's presidential campaign. Join us today!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just in Case you missed the 1st Ron Paul Money Bomb

Here is your chance to get in on the next one. Why not show your patriotism by supporting the only candidate who supports your freedom and constitutional rights.

Sign up to contribute $100 on November 11th, Veteran's Day.

To sign up, click here

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Have You Signed Up Yet?

Join the thousands of other Americans who support Ron Paul by signing up for the Ron Paul Money Bomb!

Nearly 15,000 others have already signed up to contribute $100 to Ron Paul this November 5th.

Be a part of history as we raise an amazing amount of money for the Ron Paul campaign in 1 day.


Market Bust is an online resource for alternative opinions on the markets. This includes stocks, bonds, precious metals, derivatives, SIV's, futures, options and much more.

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to: marketbust (at) gmail (dot) com.

Monday, October 22, 2007

What is an SIV and Why should you Care?

An SIV is a Simian Immunodeficiency Virus. This is a virus that is very closely related to the AIDS virus HIV.

But this is NOT the type of SIV I am referring to.

The new type of SIV is potentially much more dangerous than any strain of virus. The new SIV is a Structured Investment Vehicle.

Structured Investment Vehicles are a funny name for "derivatives". Derivatives are financial instruments that derive their value from the value of something else.

Why should you give a rats ass about SIV's? Because they are the cause of all of the financial madness now occuring in the market place regarding credit problems, freezing of commercial paper markets, subprime losses at banks and hedge funds related to subprime loans, bailouts of banks and other businesses and much more.

The problem with SIV's is three fold.

Number one, they are huge in size. Estimates range from 20 trillion to 450 trillion dollars of them sloshing around on or off balance sheet across the globe.

The second problem is that they are not regulated and do not have a liquid market if any market at all.

The third problem is that they are valued using a process called "mark to model". This simply means that the institution that owns the SIV can claim whatever value their "model" assumes they are worth. This is all well and good until the entity tries to sell them. That is when the model breaks down as there are no buyers willing to purchase them at the model price.

What happens next is the realization that they have no value at all. This inevitably leads to massive financial trouble and the dreaded SIV takes the institution down the drain.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mortgage Lenders Continue to go Bankrupt

As of today, 149 mortgage lenders have gone bankrupt since late 2006. This is an incredible number of lenders to go out of business in such a short period of time.

It appears that no one is left to offer sub-prime loans anymore. This will have very serious consequences on future home prices. If no one can get a loan, who will buy the home?

To keep up to date on the latest closures and mortgage implosion news visit The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-meter.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is the Fed Secretly Easing while telling the world they are not?

While the Fed is advertising the Federal Funds rate at 5.25% officially, behind the scenes it appears they are doing something entirely different. Imagine that, a private banking cartel in charge of the United States money supply saying one thing and doing another.

It is kind of like our goverment telling us the CPI shows inflation is under control while behind the scenes they are using "magical hedonical adjustments" to make it appear however they wish. They say that food costs are going down when we all know better.

Has the Fed Already Eased?
Posted by David Gaffen

The active conversation among the panicky revolves around whether the Federal Reserve should move to cut interest rates before its meeting about a month from now, but the slide-rule committee, through open market operations, has kept the effective funds rate way below its target for several days now. Is this, in and of itself, an easing? (Read more here)

Monday, August 13, 2007

U.S. Warned to "Learn from the Fall of Rome"

In as shocking turn of events, an actual employee of the Federal Government, has issued a grave warning to the United States of America. This is no low level employee of the U.S. Federal Government either, this is David Walker, Comptroller General of the U.S.

Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned

By Jeremy Grant in Washington
Published: August 14 2007 00:06 Last updated: August 14 2007 00:06

The US government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon, the country’s top government inspector has warned. Read more here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Will China Purposely Crush the U.S. Dollar with Nuclear Force?

China has all of the power when it comes to pricing the U.S. Dollar lower. Accordingly, they have now issued a "nuclear warning" to the United States regarding the value of the U.S. Dollar and how it relates to the value of the Chines Yuan.

It is clear that China has the power to decimate the value of the U.S. Dollar and in the process of selling off U.S. Treasuries, send U.S. interest rates much higher. This would quite possibly have a huge impact on the already fragile U.S. Real Estate market as well as the credit markets, derivatives, etc...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Scared

Dollar Falls to 26-Year Low Against Sterling

TOKYO, July 18 (Reuters) - The dollar slid to a 26-year low against sterling on Wednesday due to worries about the U.S. subprime mortgage sector and after British inflation data boosted expectations for higher interest rates there.
Sterling rose as high as $2.0492 , getting a boost after data on Tuesday showed that the annual core consumer price index in Britain rose to a decade-high 2.0 percent in June.


Dollar hitting new lows against the Sterling is just one more notch in the dollar decline. Are we due for a short term rally soon? I don't know, but long term dollar fundamentals stink and I expect the dollar will trade much lower than it is now.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Lows for the $USD?

The U.S. Dollar is testing new lows right now. If it is not able to hold above this critical support level, expect the precious metals to head much higher from here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Do People Still Value Freedom?

Check out this recent video by Ron Paul. I still value freedom and it appears that many others do too.

If you do, then you will support Ron Paul who supports your freedom.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Will Higher Rates Sink Gold and Silver?

Check out this Bloomberg article below. The headline speaks for itself. If you have ever read the work of Jim Sinclair, then you already know better :)

Gold, Silver Fall as Higher Interest Rates May Pare Demand
By Choy Leng Yeong

June 12 (Bloomberg) -- Gold fell, resuming its decline to a 12-week low in New York, on concern higher global interest rates will reduce demand for the precious metal as an alternative investment. Silver also dropped.

Gold tumbled 3.9 percent last week, the biggest weekly decline in three months, after the European Central Bank and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised rates. Holding gold becomes less attractive when rates rise because the metal has no fixed returns. U.S. Treasury yields rose today after China said prices increased at the fastest pace in two years, renewing speculation rising global inflation will prompt central banks to raise rates. (Read the rest of this article HERE)

Is My Trouble With Blogger Posting Over?

Over the past month or two I have been contacting Blogger support trying to figure out why suddenly my blog does not let me publish. I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting this particular blog to work again.

They would occasionally respond and sometimes even do some test posts that did not work.

I tried again today and presto! It actually posted.

Unfortunately, I have lost all of my previous charts that were posted here.

But..... As they say, such is life.

Anyway, I look forward to making new posts in the near future.

And dear Blogger support, if you are responsible for fixing this even though I was never contacted, thank you :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

Michigan GOP Chairmain Wants to Ban Ron Paul from Future GOP Debates

Saul Anuzis, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party says he wants to to bar Texas congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) from future GOP presidential debates. Anuzis is circulating a petition among Republican National Committee members, debate sponsors and broadcasters to keep Paul out of debates.

In an amazing display of foolishness and pathetic moral character, Saul Anuzis has the nerve to try and prevent Dr. Ron Paul from future debates. This has of course angered many Americans who support Dr. Paul.

Saul has now had the "contact page" of his website removed so that he will not be bothered by people emailing him and calling him and his office to voice thier displeasure with his stupid idea.

Here is the Michigan GOP website:

Here is the now defunct Contact page:

Here is his email address taken before he took it off of the site:

Here is another email address of his obtained from

Here is Saul's telephone number: MICHIGAN GOP:

Here is the telephone number for the GOP NATIONAL OFFICE:

Here are email addresses for the GOP NATIIONAL OFFICE:,,,,,

Here is a link to the petition that has been created to object to any debate ban of Dr. Paul: (It has already received more than 10,000 signatures)

Saul is obviously scared to death of the message that Mr. Paul has to deliver. Saul should stand up like a man and take phone calls and emails instead of hiding like a coward and removing all contact information.

Hiding from it won't make it go away.

I encourage all Americans to get on the phone and call the Michigan GOP as well as the National GOP office and let them know what you think about this.

This is a truly embarrasing moment for the Republican Party.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Ron Paul Should Be Our Next President

1. Secure our borders. Ron Paul knows that our current policy called "let more in now" is not working. America is filling up to quickly with too many illegal immigrants. Like it or not, it is a problem.

2. Return to honest money. This is in direct opposition to our current system of funny money (fiat currency) that is backed by nothing and printed at will.

3. The right to bear arms. He is against gun control and this is a good thing. Guns in the hands of citizens is the only way to keep the government in check. If you believe in gun control, maybe you should have been on the Virgina Tech campus during the massacre where the only person with the gun was the bad guy. Maybe someone could have stopped him more quickly if they were armed. More gun control just means less protection for the citizens. I believe in protecting my self and I don't trust the government to do it for me.

4. Return control of the money supply to our own government. As it stands right now, the money supply and printing of money is in the control of the Federal Reserve. Why should we continue to allow a private banking cartel to control the money of the American people? And the answer is......... we shouldn't! Why borrow money and pay interest on it when we can create it by ourselves and pay nothing?

5. End shameless deficit spending. Ron Paul believes in living within our means. If you don't, I imagine you will be on the streets and poor one day. So live it up now because you are living on borrowed time.

6. End the war in Iraq. Ron Paul has opposed the war on Iraq from the beginning. The United States is engaged in war mongering for reasons that aren't good. The war on terror is really just a war on your freedoms. If you don't believe it, I hope you are detained and sent to the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

7. Protecting the sovereignty of the United States. The United States is a great country and I would like it to stay this way. For those of you who are hoping to see the merging of the United States with Mexico and Canada in the North American Union, have another hit off of your crack pipe and get out of America. You will surely like Mexico better!

8. Protection of property rights. When I purchase a piece of property, I like the notion that I "own" it. I don't like the notion that it can be stolen out from under me at any moment by powerful groups with grand plans for my land for the "greater good". If you don't agree, then give me your home now and I will give you "fair compensation" as determined by me. Thank you in advance!

9. Taming the IRS. The IRS is like the mafia. They have no laws backing their existence and they have no laws supporting their ability to collect income taxes. The only reason we pay is because we are afraid. That is why I pay taxes and that is why you will too. Ron is aware that the IRS is out of control and dangerous.

10. Reinstate the Constitution. For those of you who don't care about the Constitution or who think it is outdated, you are a part of the reason our country is in the mess we find ourselves now. Our forefathers created the constitution for a reason. If you don't understand it, I cannot help you.

I like the way Ron Paul thinks and his values are far superior to those of most Americans and all other presidential candidates that I am aware of. Please leave your comments below. God bless America and Ron Paul.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ron Paul Continues to Support the Constitution... Why is He Alone?

Check out Ron Paul's recent article regarding hate crime legislation. It is quite clear the the Constitution is being thrown under a truck over and over again. We need a president like Ron Paul. Someone who actually cares about America, the Constitution and our citizen's rights as free individuals.

Article by Ron Paul:

Unconstitutional Legislation Threatens Freedoms

May 7, 2007

Last week, the House of Representatives acted with disdain for the Constitution and individual liberty by passing HR 1592, a bill creating new federal programs to combat so-called “hate crimes.” The legislation defines a hate crime as an act of violence committed against an individual because of the victim’s race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. Federal hate crime laws violate the Tenth Amendment’s limitations on federal power. Hate crime laws may also violate the First Amendment guaranteed freedom of speech and religion by criminalizing speech federal bureaucrats define as “hateful.”

Article continued HERE

Silver Getting Ready to Move Higher

Silver is getting ready to move higher very soon. At least that is what I believe. Silver and Gold have been consolidating their large gains for a long time now and appear to be on the threshold of major moves upward.

It is interesting to note that according to the Resourse Investor, the Silver ETF has already taken 15% of the world silver supply off of the market. This is pretty huge. I don't know if their numbers are correct or not, but the point is that Silver is scarce and getting more scarce.

A second Silver ETF was started in Germany recently. This will take more silver off of the market as well. The last time silver started a major run up from a breakout of a triangle pattern, it moved up 100% over approximately 6 months.

This time may be no different. Physical silver and gold are the safest way to own the metals. Buying an ETF theoretically gives you the same result, but some question wether or not the silver actually exists in the ETF or if they are playing a paper shell game.

Either way, for the next several years I would think either would be a safe bet to own. If you don't have any exposure to Silver or Gold, now is an excellent time to add a position to help combat the loss of purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar as it's value is continually inflated away with large sums of electronically created "Money".

Hang on..... this could be fun!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Will FOX News Exlude Ron Paul from SC Debates?

Why does FOX News get to choose who makes it in and who doesn't anyway? I have been hearing rumblings that Republican Party candidate Ron Paul, one of the only true Republicans left in America, might be excluded from the South Carolina debates.

This would be very unfair to both Ron Paul and the American people. Let us hope that FOX news ends up making the right choice and including Mr. Paul.

I don't think it is the place of any news station to be setting up who is seen and who is not. It should be a level playing field for all people and parties. Not a club where only certain "pre-approved" candidates are allowed to present their case to the public.

I urge every American to stay tuned to the Presidential Race 2008 information and happenings by reading Political News Articles and make sure your voice is heard.

If there is a candidate that you think is being unfairly excluded, then get on the phone and send some emails to the offending network. In this case, Fox News.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

If Your Not Outraged, Your Not Paying Attention!

Are you paying attention to the amount of value our dollar has lost since 1913? Are you paying attention to the massive deficits that our government is running? How about the fact that our money (also known as Federal Reserve Notes) is nothing more than a promise to pay more worthless Federal Reserve Notes?

Have you noticed that in our current monetary system that all money is borrowed into existence? Do you realize that if all debts were paid back today there would be no money at all? Does this seem like a stable monetary system to you?

Are you aware that the Federal Reserve is neither federal nor does it have any reserves? Do you understand that the power to coin money has been handed over from our own government to a private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve?

Have you realized the fact that there is no law that requires you or any other American to pay income taxes? Are you paying attention to the fact that if you don't pay income taxes you will most likely be terrorized by the IRS?

Do you realize that all of the income tax that Americans pay goes straight into the coffers of the Federal Reserve to pay for the interest on the money that our government borrows from this private banking cartel? Did you know that our government could change this if it wanted to?

Are you watching as special interest bills get hidden inside of other larger bills even though they have nothing to do with the bills they are attached to? Do you think that the Patriot Act has anything to do with being patriotic or giving you more freedoms?

Did you know that on 9/11, it wasn't just the Twin Towers that came down, but there was a third building? Are you aware that no plane ever struck it? Do you know why?

Are you feeling more secure now that we have the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA? Are you starting to get the feeling that the war on terror is really just the war against our freedoms?

Are you standing by and doing nothing as the corrupt organization known as the FDA makes a final power grab to regulate all mineral supplements, vitamins and any other substance that may have a positive effect on your health?

Are you getting excited about the new National ID card that you and I will be required to carry starting in May of 2008? Do you look forward to carrying around your shiny new ID with an RFID chip inside of it that will house your personal data but be scannable by anyone that is close enough.

Are you ready to become a part of the North American Union? Do you even know what this is and who is pushing for it?

Do you think it is a good thing that our government has a working group on capital markets also known as the plunge protection team? Do you know how much money it takes each day to finance our current account deficit?

Are you happy that we are a war mongering nation spending ourselves into oblivion while we can't even protect our own borders?

Are you paying attention to what the price of gold and silver are telling you? Are you outraged? Or are you even paying attention?

Friday, April 6, 2007

The 2008 Federal Budget - by Ron Paul

Why is it that Ron Paul is the ONLY person in congress and the only 2008 presidential candidate who actually does the right things when it comes to freedom, money and government? Because he is one of the few remaining who actually care about America, Truth, Honesty and the Constitution.

The 2008 Federal Budget

April 2, 2007 The fiscal year 2008 budget, passed in the House of Representatives last week, is a monument to irresponsibility and profligacy. It shows that Congress remains oblivious to the economic troubles facing the nation, and that political expediency trumps all common sense in Washington. To the extent that proponents and supporters of these unsustainable budget increases continue to win reelection, it also shows that many Americans unfortunately continue to believe government can provide them with a free lunch.

To summarize, Congress proposes spending roughly $3 trillion in 2008. When I first came to Congress in 1976, the federal government spent only about $300 billion. So spending has increased tenfold in thirty years, and tripled just since 1990.

About one-third of this $3 trillion is so-called discretionary spending; the remaining two-thirds is deemed “mandatory” entitlement spending, which means mostly Social Security and Medicare. I’m sure many American voters would be shocked to know their elected representatives essentially have no say over two-thirds of the federal budget, but that is indeed the case. In fact the most disturbing problem with the budget is the utter lack of concern for the coming entitlement meltdown.

For those who thought a Democratic congress would end the war in Iraq, think again: their new budget proposes supplemental funds totaling about $150 billion in 2008 and $50 billion in 2009 for Iraq. This is in addition to the ordinary Department of Defense budget of more than $500 billion, which the Democrats propose increasing each year just like the Republicans.

(Read the rest of the story here: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Congress Shows Political Weakness Again

This is a post from congressman Ron Paul regarding the latest supplemental spending bill passed by congress. Once again, Ron Paul shows his true colors by opposing the fraudulent and corrupt ways of our current government leaders.

More Funding for the War in Iraq

By: Ron Paul

March 26, 2007

Last week the House passed an emergency supplemental spending bill that was the worst of all worlds. The president’s request would have already set a spending record, but the Democratic leadership packed 21 billion additional dollars of mostly pork barrel spending in attempt to win Democrat votes. The total burden on the American taxpayer for this bill alone will be an astonishing 124 billion dollars. Democrats promised to oppose the war by adding more money to fight the war than even the president requested.

I am pleased to have joined with the majority of my Republican colleagues to oppose this bill.

Among the pork added to attract votes was more than 200 million dollars to the dairy industry, 74 million for peanut farmers, and 25 million dollars for spinach farmers. Also, the bill included more than two billion dollars in unconstitutional foreign aid, including half a billion dollars for Lebanon and Eastern Europe.

What might be most disturbing, however, is the treatment of veterans in the bill. Playing politics with the funding of critical veterans medical and other assistance by adding it onto a controversial bill to attract votes strikes me as highly inappropriate. Veterans’ funding should be included in a properly structured, comprehensive appropriations bill. Better still, veterans spending should be automatically funded and not subject to yearly politicking and nit-picking.

While I have been opposed to the war in Iraq from the beginning and do believe that there is a strong constitutional role for Congress when it comes to war, I could not support what appeared to be micro-management of the war in this bill. There is a distinction between the legitimate oversight role of Congress and attempts to meddle in the details of how the war is to be fought. The withdrawal and readiness benchmarks in this bill are in my view inappropriate. That is why the president has threatened to veto this bill.

In the last Congress I co-sponsored legislation urging the president to come up with a plan to conclude our military activity in Iraq, but that legislation contained no date-specific deadlines to complete withdrawal.

Once again Congress wants to have it both ways. Back in 2002, Congress passed the authorization for the president to attack Iraq if and when he saw fit. By ignoring the Constitution, which clearly requires a declaration of war, Congress could wash its hands of responsibility after the war began going badly by citing the ambiguity of its authorization. This time, House leaders want to appear to be opposing the war by including problematic benchmarks, but they include language to allow the president to waive these if he sees fit.

To top it off, House leadership may have actually made war with Iran more likely. The bill originally contained language making it clear that the president would need congressional authorization before attacking Iran – as the Constitution requires. But this language was dropped after special interests demanded its removal. This move can reasonably be interpreted as de facto congressional authority for an attack on Iran. Let’s hope that does not happen.

Source: Ron Paul

"Correlation Crisis" - A Warning from Bank of America

If you think the worst of the subprime lending meltdown is over, then maybe you should think again.

Bank of America Warns of New `Correlation Crisis' (Update1)

By Neil Unmack

March 30 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. homebuilders may trigger a ``correlation crisis'' similar to the credit sell off in 2005 when Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Corp. lost their investment-grade credit ratings, according to Bank of America Corp.'s securities unit.

The ratings cuts to the automakers triggered losses for banks and hedge funds holding the riskiest parts of collateralized debt obligations, securities that package bonds, loans and credit-default swaps and use the income to pay investors.

An increase in the perceived risk of default by homebuilders such as Dallas-based Centex Corp. and Lennar Corp. in Miami could cause similar losses this year, Banc of America Securities LLC analysts Glen Taksler and Jeffrey Rosenberg wrote in a report today. Construction company profits have plunged since the five- year U.S. housing boom ended a year ago. Rising inventories of unsold homes and reluctance by potential buyers wary of falling prices has stifled sales.

``We see increasing risk signals that remind us of the run- up to the 2005 correlation meltdown,'' the analysts wrote in the report titled ``The Correlation Crisis of 2007?''

CDOs are divided into portions of varying levels of risk and return. The riskiest piece, known as the equity tranche, pays the highest yield and is the first to absorb losses when credit quality deteriorates.

Wider Spreads

Investors may demand a higher premium for holding the equity tranche related to the benchmark investment-grade credit-default swap index, should the cost of contracts on homebuilders in the index rise, the analysts said.

``We would not be surprised to see a potential dramatic increase in the premiums required by equity tranche holders to hold first-loss risk,'' the analysts wrote. ``A reversal in the current demand for equity tranche protection could send investment-grade index spreads significantly wider.''

Credit-default swaps are designed to protect bondholders against defaults. Buyers of the contracts receive the face value of defaulted debt in return for handing over the bonds or the cash equivalent.

The CDX Series 8 Index of investment-grade credit-default swaps includes homebuilders Centex, Lennar, Toll Brothers Inc. and Pulte Homes Inc. It also includes mortgage-lender Countrywide Home Loans Inc. and mortgage insurer and financial guarantor Radian Group Inc.

Subprime Shakeout

``While there have been some dramatic headlines and it's clear a shakeout of subprime is in progress this can take some time to work through the financial system; we haven't even seen the first wave of ABS downgrades yet,'' said Michael Hampden- Turner, a London-based analyst at Citigroup Inc. ``The question is how long do these losses take to work through the system and to what extent will they exceed expectations?''

In May 2005 equity tranches plummeted after Standard & Poor's cut the credit ratings of GM and Ford to junk, driving up the perceived risk of holding their debt and forcing investors to exit the riskiest portions. At the time, the CDX index included four auto-related companies.

The fall in equity value also forced investors to buy more protection on the investment-grade bond index to hedge their positions. That pushed up the cost of protecting against default by roughly 20 basis points, according to Bank of America. A basis point is 0.01 percentage point.

Credit-default swaps based on homebuilder bonds fell yesterday after surging this week to the highest levels since at least October 2004, the earliest date for which prices are available. Contracts tied to the debt of Miami-based Lennar, the nation's largest homebuilder by revenue, fell $7,000 per $10 million to $113,500, according to CMA Datavision.

To contact the reporter on this story: Neil Unmack in London at

Last Updated: March 30, 2007 13:49 EDT

Source: Bloomberg

Sunday, March 25, 2007

America's Great Opportunity Has Arrived

America is in great need of change. Almost every American is aware of this, but most do not understand why nothing in politics ever seems to change.

Take for example the recent elections. The desire for change was clear for all to see. Democrats were being voted in and Republicans were being voted out. There is a reason for this too. Americans are fed up with the way the government is being run and they can sense that things are just not right.

The war on terror. High prices for food, gas, energy, health care, housing, etc..... The official government statistics tell us that everything is going well. Inflation is under control. Unemployment is low. The housing market is done correcting. The list goes on and on.

But have you noticed that immediately after the elections, things have gone back to business as usual? Why is this?

The reason is simple. Democrats and Republicans are no longer what they used to be. They are really just two faces of the same coin. When was the last time you heard anyone in government talking about the Constitution of the United States of America? How about the rights of individuals and the rights of the States?

Whether you vote for the Republican party or the Democrat party, the result is the same. Politicians that are interested in power and keeping things generally how they are. I used to be a staunch supporter of the Republican party. My brothers used to fight for the Democrats.

But something happened to both of us over the last decade. We slowly woke up to the fraud of the two party system. We woke up to the fact that whether it was George Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama, it really didn't matter. They are all just players in the big fraud of the Federal Government.

Now you might be getting upset at this point because you think I have it all wrong. But when was the last time you heard any of these people discussing the Federal Reserve and fiat currency?

How many of you are aware that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves? How many people understand that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that is in control of our money?

The answer is NEVER. You won't hear any of these people talking about these types of issues because they are a part of the same game. The bankers are in control of our government and ultimately in control of us. Remember, whoever controls the money, controls the government and the power that comes with it.

How many people realize that the reason for all of the financial bubbles such as the NASDAQ bubble, the real estate bubble and the bond bubble were all caused by the endless printing of fiat currency (currency backed by nothing) of the Federal Reserve?

I could go on and on but I won't. The point of all of this is that we have a once in a lifetime chance to affect change right around the corner. There is one person in the government who does talk about the real issues in America. His name is Ron Paul and he is running for president in 2008.

If Ron Paul is elected, he has vowed to re-institute the Constitution. This is very powerful. You won't see Ron Paul getting a lot of mainstream media attention because the media is in bed with the Republicans, Democrats and Bankers. Ron Paul is a strong proponent of real money. He understands the effects of fiat currency on our nation and the problems it is causing us.

We have a chance to elect someone who will restore our rights as individuals and make our forefathers proud. You won't hear any other presidential candidates discussing the real issues this election. But Ron Paul will. It is time for all Americans to come together and take back our country one vote at a time.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Great Global Warming Scam

Is Al Gore telling the truth? Does he really beleive what he preaches? Or does he have an alternative agenda?

Don't be fooled by all of the global warming hype! If you haven't watched this movie yet, then you really don't know the rest of the story.

Al Gore and all of the rest of the global warming cronies have drawn false conclusions regarding the cause of global warming. You will be surprised, it's not how it first appears.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ron Paul - Wake up America

Ron Paul speaks the truth. He is a defender of the Constitution and will restore the republic if elected.

Wake up America! It is time to reinstate the Constitution of the U.S.A.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Silver Update - What Now?

After pronouncing that Silver had "broken out" a couple of weeks ago, Silver quickly changed course and dropped significantly. Has this negated the breakout? While at first glance it may appear so, looking a little closer it seems that Silver may just be shaking out the final longs before it heads up to higher levels.

While it did break slightly below its long term up trend, it has closed back above it now and this is not unusual behavior for the tiny and easily manipulated Silver market.

Taking a look at a Point and Figure chart we see there has been no damage done and the projected price of $21.00 plus still remains.

Silver clearly needs to take out the $15.00 per ounce mark and do it convincingly to prove that it is ready to move higher.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


If you value freedom, honesty and the United States Constitution, you must watch this excellent movie:

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Where does gold go from here?

Silver and gold were beaten down badly last week. Silver lost more than gold percentage wise as is usual. Looking at the weekly gold chart I do not see any real damage on the chart to speak of. The long term uptrend in gold is still in tact. Take a look.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

SILVER Breaks Out!

Silver has broken out to the upside as predicted in the last weekly silver chart. This is a strong looking chart and I expect silver will head much higher from here before taking another rest. This wedge was a long consolidation pattern that has been resolved to the upside.

Silver fundamentals are very strong and with all of the new uses of silver plus the recent investment demand from the Silver ETF (SLV), I expect higher prices for silver over the long run.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weekly $SILVER Chart

Silver looks posed for a big move in the very near future. I believe it is heading higher from here and as such, I am long silver as well as selected silver stocks.

The Dow = Sell short?

It looks like it might be a good bet to short the DJIA. I'm not a trader in the Dow so I don't have a postition other than this chart that looks like a good setup for lower prices. Although, it is the mighty Dow and it is hard to bet against it lately.

Friday, February 9, 2007

How High will Gold go?

I am one of those who is of the opinion that before this bull market in gold has run it's course, GOLD will better the $2000 mark and that may be too conservative.

This is a great chart from that shows the inflation adjusted price of gold.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The DJIA Weekly Chart - Is the Rally OVER?

Looking at the weekly chart of the Down Jones Industrial Average it appears that the DOW 30 is ready to take a breather at the least. The DJIA has broken down from its up channel and may be ready to break down from a bearish rising wedge.
The MACD looks like it is rolling over and ready to crossover. The RSI is in overbought territory and has been for a while. The DJIA has been the major market barrometer for the mainstream media and commonfolk. It is what most mainstream media outlets use to confirm the bull market in stocks.
The DJIA has shown incredible resilience for several years now and seems to defy gravity. How long can this last? Maybe forever!
Dare I say, look out below?
Probably not, but it looks like it.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sterling Mining (SRLM) Weekly Chart

This is an updated weekly chart of Sterling Mining Company. Sterling Mining Company owns the famous Sunshine Mine in the Silver Valley.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekly Charts of the DJIA and VIX

The DOW has been way up while the VIX has stayed low. A reversal looks imminent in the weekly charts.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


This is an updated weekly chart of CALVF. The tag CALVF has all Caledonia Mining posts.

Caledonia has been extremely weak for a long time. It continues lower for now.

I own shares of CALVF.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Is Silver Getting Ready To Drop In Price?

With all of the bearish precious metals analysts out there recently, I decided to take a look at the chart of Silver. Silver broke out of a symmetrical triangle in November of 2006. Since then it has fallen back down toward its rising trend line where it looks to be testing support slightly above $12.00. Now take a look at the lower chart indicator. I have circled where it has been in a historical buy zone. It is there again right now. So, while all I can find are prognostications of a collapse in commodities and precious metals, it would appear that we are at an ideal buy zone for silver.