Saturday, December 23, 2006

A look at this year in charts

This year has come to an end. What does next year have in store? Let's take a look.

Silver and gold ended the year on a down note.

The Dollar and Bonds ended the year on an upward note.

Inflation is heating up.

The United States continues to print too much money and spend it on useless wars.

The Republicans and Democrats continue to keep a lock on power and corruption as the U.S. citizens are too stupid to figure out that they have been duped for years now. There are no Republicans or Democrats (except for Ron Paul who is a Real Republican). There are only Demopublicans. As long as the two party system remains in place expect more spending, war, entitlements, corruption and a decline in the standard of living of Americans.

A big thank you to Downsize DC and Ron Paul. These are two worthy organizations that are actually trying to do something about our absurd political and economical condition. Please visit them and support them and you can make a difference too.

A happy New Year to all.

Chart Review Below: