Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm a SILVER bull

I really like silver as an investment or just as a protector of wealth. Silver is extremely rare. From what I can acertain, above ground silver in refined,available form is more rare than above ground gold in refined, available form.

Will silver ever be as valuable as gold? That would be pretty amazing. Could it happen? It could, but don't count on it.

The silver market seems to be much more illiquid than the gold market. Jim Sinclair, the smartest, tell it as it is trader who likes to empower the people with knowledge, thinks gold is going much higher. He thinks silver is a game. He is probably right because he is about most things gold, silver, dollar and oil.

I really don't consider silver a game, but rather a store of value just like gold, only one that has been pissed on for quite a long time.

One that is out of the mainstreem conciounsness. One that most people seem to shun or find strange.

That is my kind of investment. Silver was less than $5.00 per ounce not very long ago. It is over $12.00 right now.

I like silver, I like gold. I think silver has farther to go on the upside than gold, but gold has a long way to go.

Stinky fiat currency is in abbundance in the U.S.A. and globally. The U.S. Dollar stinks and gold is the pillar of historical monetary significance.

Silver has been the "poor man's" gold for a long time. I think a portion of your precious metal investments should be in both of these historical monetary metals.