Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Did Gold Really React To FOMC Statement Today?

The Federal Reserve came out with their FOMC statement today and the mainstream media immediately spun it as "hawkish" and "bullish" for the U.S. Federal Reserve Note (aka the "Dollar").

Immediately, Gold and Silver were taken out to the woodshed and beaten up to reflect the strong dollar and negative gold and silver impact of the Federal Reserve actions.

But this is not the first time that gold has reacted negatively to the Federal Reserve statements. In fact, it almost always happens this way. You see, the Federal Reserve never let's gold rise on a day when they are speaking or making an announcement or releasing information.

You can almost be certain that anytime the Fed chairman speaks or information is released by the Federal Reserve, that gold and silver will get hammered. This is a policy, not an open market interpretation.

This is by design, not by analysis and actual market reaction. This is a fraud, just like the Federal Reserve itself.  Just like our president and our banking system and our "free markets" that are anything but free.

So, did gold go down because the fed is "hawkish". Is the almighty Federal Reserve really going to stop printing money and creating Federal Reserve Notes out of thin air?

If history has any bearing on the future, than the answer is "Probably Not".

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gigantic Gold Nugget Weighing In At Over Six Pounds Going Up For Sale

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - One of the biggest gold nuggets found in modern times in Northern California's historic Gold Country is going up for sale.

This awesome nugget is expected to fetch around $350,000.

 The person who found the nugget this summer 2014 was on public land using a metal detector. So I guess there is still gold to be found in those hills out there.


Switzerland Set To Make History? Will The People Demand A Return To Gold Backing Of Currency?

The Swiss people are set to vote on a historic campaign called the Swiss Gold Initiative. What is the purpose? To return Switzerland to a system of sound money founded on the back of Gold as money.

You see, the Swiss have a long history of strong employment economic prosperity based on a strong currency. But in recent years, the politicians in Switzerland have sold off a large portion of the Swiss gold near the bottom of the market and at the same time they have printed more paper money on a relative basis than any other country.

This may be set to change in the next 38 days though. The people of Switzerland will be voting on a measure that will require the Swiss National Bank to repatriate all physical gold held abroad. This represents around 300 tons of gold.

Not only that, but the initiative would require the Swiss National Bank to hold 20 percent minimum of its reserves in physical gold. This will give the Swiss Franc a 20 percent gold backing.

Lastly, it would outlaw any further sales of gold by the Swiss Bank.

This initiative is going to be voted on soon by the Swiss people and if passed will become a part of the constitution.

This may have a huge effect on the gold market in a positive way for higher prices as the Swiss would require governments to return the gold they supposedly hold on behalf of the Swiss as well as forcing the Swiss Bank to begin purchasing large sums of physical gold on the open market.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Caledonia Mining Company Stock Drops On Revised Guidance

Caledonia Mining Company (CALVF) announced that is would product less gold than previously anticipated. This had the immediate effect of producing a large sell off in Caledonia Mining Common Shares. See Chart Below:

Caledonia Mining is a company that continues to under perform.

See the press release here:

Hi Tech Recall Of Certain Products Continues.

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals in Norcross, GA, has issued a mandatory recall of certain of its dietary supplements as it has been ordered to do so by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Below is a copy of the Hi Tech Pharma recall notice:

 Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Issues Amended Nationwide Recall of Various Lots of
Benzedrine, Stimerex ES, Lipodrene and Fastin Dietary Supplement Products
Contact: Michelle Harris (770) 797-9959
URGENT AMENDED RECALL NOTICE – August 19, 2014 - Norcross, GA - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals,
Inc. ("Hi-Tech"), 6015-B Unity Dr., Norcross, GA 30071, announced today that it is conducting an amended
nationwide recall of various lots of the company's products sold under the names Fastin, Lipodrene, Stimerex
ES, and Benzedrine. This notice amends the recall notice dated June 24, 2014.
This recall is being made on the order of a federal district court judge and with the knowledge of the Federal
Trade Commission. It is being coordinated by Hi-Tech. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO RESPOND TO THIS
Judge Charles Pannell of the Northern District of Georgia has ordered Hi-Tech to recall the products above due
to claims the court deemed were false on Hi-Tech's labels. These claims include the use of the terms
“thermogenic,” “fat burner,” “rapid fat loss,” and “for advanced appetite control and metabolic stimulation.”
Although this is not a safety recall, the district court judge has ordered that the products listed below be recalled
Fastin is sold in health food, drug stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and internet stores nationwide. The
product is sold in 20-tablet boxes, 30 and 60-tablet bottles, and 3-tablet blister packs. All versions of this
product with an expiration date of 06/2019 or sooner are being recalled. See attached images for current and
recalled product packaging.
Lipodrene is sold predominantly in health food and internet stores nationwide. The product is sold in 20 and
100-tablet bottles and in 2-tablet blister packs. All versions of this product with an expiration date of 05/2019 or
sooner are being recalled. See attached images for current and recalled product packaging.
Stimerex ES is sold predominantly in health food and internet stores nationwide. The product is sold in 20 and
90-tablet bottles and in 2-tablet blister packs. Versions of this product with an expiration date of 12/2018 or
sooner are being recalled. See attached images for current and recalled product packaging.
Benzedrine is sold predominantly in health food and internet stores nationwide. The product is sold in 60-tablet
bottles. Versions of this product with an expiration date of 11/2016 or sooner are being recalled. See attached
images for current and recalled product packaging.
Retailers who have any of these products should remove them from the shelves and return them to Hi-Tech
immediately. Wholesalers or distributors should alert their customers to the recall and have them follow the
same procedures. Hi-Tech will be responsible for the costs of this recall. Hi-Tech will immediately replace any
returned items with products with labels that do not contain the violative claims. Any questions about this recall
should be directed to Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Norcross, GA 30071 at toll-free 1-888-855-7919 from 9:00
AM - 5:00 PM EST, or you may email any request to Upon request, Hi-
Tech will send new products and include in the box a shipping label, which will make the return expeditious for
our customers. Enclosed are a reply form and postage paid envelope. You are required to return the reply form.

There is also a reply form that needs to be filled out and returned to the company. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Clifton Mining Company (CFTN) Begins Production

After spending years and years gathering land, developing resources, developing strategic partnerships and keeping the common stock from being diluted, Clifton Mining Company has finally begun production.

For those of you following the company, Clifton Mining Company has a partnership with Desert Hawk Gold Corp. whereby Desert Hawk takes care of all funding, production, and operations while Clifton Mining gets to sit back and collect royalties on the production.

This is good news for those invested in Clifton Mining as cash flow will increase with the new royalty payments.

Click here for the announcement.

Click here to visit Clifton Mining website.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fastin Supplement Store Launches LinkedIn Company Page

Fastin Supplement Store is pleased to announce that it has launched a LinkedIn page devoted to helping promote it's brand of diet and energy pills that sell under the name Fastin Supplement. Fastin Supplement is sold in two different forms.

The original Fastin Diet Pill is sold as a white tablet with blue specs. Fastin tablets are sold in 60 count bottles and each pill contains 375 milligrams of powerful appetite suppressant and energy boosting ingredients.

Fastin XR is the extended release version of Fastin Supplement. Fastin XR is sold as a blue and red capsule. Fastin XR capsules are sole in a 45 count bottle and each capsule contains 525 milligrams of powerful appetite suppressant and energy boosting ingredients in a time released capsule form.

Fastin Supplement has been providing consumers with high quality Fastin Dietary Supplement for over ten years and continues to look for ways to promote awareness of its website and other social media outlets.

The new Fastin Supplement Store LinkedIn page can be found here.

Fastin Supplement Store also has a Facebook page can be found here.

Fastin Supplement can be ordered online by visiting there website or by calling the company toll free at 1-800-310-9108.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whole Foods May Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Heavy Metal Poisoning

Nearly two months ago, certain protein products purchased from and sold by Whole Foods stores were tested for dangerous levels of heavy metal contamination. The results were not good.  Many of the protein powders they were selling contained extremely high levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

These heavy metals are toxic and poisonous to the human body.  They can cause severe health problems when ingested in large enough amounts.

Since Whole Foods was put on alert about these findings, they have done absolutely nothing to inform their customers about the health risks of these products, nor have they issued any recalls or banned any of these products from their stores.

In response to their lack of action and lack of concern for their customers, Whole Foods may soon face a class action lawsuit for selling toxic heavy metal products.

If you or anyone you know shops at Whole Foods, please make them aware of the possibility of being poisoned from their protein powders.

Find out more at

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Is Silver So Cheap?

Silver is one of the most essential metals on the earth. Silver is rare and has many qualities that make it an indispensable material for manufacturing and technology. What I can not understand is why it is so cheap when priced in dollars or Federal Reserve Notes.

Did you know that silver is the most reflective element on the earth? I did some reading and it appears that aluminum is actually more reflective at certain wavelengths (short) but overall, silver is the king of reflectivity making it the top choice in solar energy applications as well as mirrors and more. It is shiny, a greyish-white color, and its gloss reflects 95% of light when it is polished

Silver is the most malleable and most ductile metal except for gold which is the. Silver the metal with the highest thermal and electrical conductivity level. This makes it extremely important for usage in electronics, military applications and hi tech applications like cars, phones, batteries, weapons, smart phones, computers, etc...

Silver historically has been used as money. Silver was used as money before gold and more often throughout history than gold. Silver was used in United States coinage up until 1964 and is still used in United States Mint Proof sets and American Silver Eagles.

Silver has historically traded at a ratio of 16:1 in terms of gold. Meaning you could buy 16 ounces of Silver for every ounce of gold you could buy.  Today this ratio is way out of whack. As of this writing, the price of silver $19.41 per troy ounce while the price of gold is $1294.60. This puts the current Gold to Silver ratio at 66.7. This is purely ridiculous as this means you can buy 66.7 ounces of silver for each ounce of gold you can buy with the same amount of dollars (Federal Reserve Notes).

If you take a look at how much silver is mined each year compared to how much gold is mined each year you will find that the ratio is currently about 9 to 1, or 9 ounces of silver is produced for every 1 ounce of gold. This would be a much more understandable ratio than the current ratio of nearly 67.

Another interesting thing to think about is that all or almost all of the gold ever mined is still available in the form of jewelry, coins or bars. This is estimated to be around 5 billion ounces of gold mined in history and currently available in above ground refined form. If you look at Silver, it is estimated that 60 or 70  billion ounces have been mined throughout history, but it is estimated that only 1 billion ounces are available in above ground refined form. In this respect, silver in available form, is actually 5 times rarer than available gold. This is because silver is also an industrial metal and is consumed in industry for items discussed above as well at more that were not discussed.

So once again I will leave you with the question: Why is silver so cheap? That is a topic for another day, but I have a feeling that silver will shine brightly once again and that the price relationship between silver and gold will once again come back into a more reasonable balance. This means that silver must rise in price in terms of its big brother gold.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fastin Supplement Store Launches Affiliate Program Through Share A Sale

Fastin Supplement Store, an online retailer of Fastin Diet Pills and Fastin XR Extended Release Diet Pills, has launched an affiliate program with Share A Sale.

Companies wishing to monetize their traffic for diet and energy pills Fastin and Fastin XR can join the affiliate program by signing up for an account and then collect commissions on a monthly basis.

Signing up for this opportunity is quick and easy. To learn more, visit the Fastin Diet Pill Affiliate Program and enter your information as required.

To purchase Fastin Diet Pills or Fastin XR Diet Pills, visit